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Patient Structured Reflection Essay

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Utilising John’s model of structured reflection I will reflect on the care I instigated to a patient with complex needs. The patient in question was admitted to the Emergency Assessment Unit for surgical patients then transferred to the ward where I work as a staff nurse.

The patient in question was admitted with suspected pancreatitis. This piece of reflection will pay particular attention to the care I gave the patient in the form of instigating admission documentation, assessing their condition, instigating care plans and administration of any medications required. The patient in question had complex needs and as a staff nurse and according to the NMC (2009) I should be able to provide the care he/she required.

The main aim of this reflection is to demonstrate that I provided this care. During my training as a student nurse, I have been involved with many patients with complex needs of a with the support of a mentor, however this was, primarily, the first time since qualified and on completion of my registration that I became responsible and accountable for my practice.

Reflection is a significant component of pre-registration education (Davis et al.2000). Hillard (2006) claims that for practitioners to learn from an experience they need to go beyond description and should reflect on their experiences in practice as this could potentially uncover any underlying influences, motivations and knowledge. Reflecting on an experience could then be identified as a process to bridging the gap between theory and practice (Bulman & Schutz, 2004).

The patient was transferred into my care via the Emergency Assessment Unit for Surgical Patients (EAUS). I was given handover by the charge nurse who has already pre-assessed this patient in triage. This patient will be known as Rob throughout this piece of reflection had already been cannulated and blood had been taken while awaiting a bed on a surgical ward.

When Rob was transferred to my bay I was given handover, I had to make sure I had all the relevant information I required to care for Rob this would have included the following:-
1. Patients name,
2. Date of birth,
3. Next of kin
4. Emergency contact numbers
5. Past medical history
6. Presenting symptoms
7. Care, treatment and medications already instigated
8. Patients consultant
9. Dietary status
10. Allergies
11. Any outstanding treatment that the patient required. For example, X-rays or Ultra Sound.
Once I was happy that I had the relevant information I would accept handover and accept Rob onto the ward and into my care.

It was explained to me that Rob had suspected acute pancreatitis. This condition corresponds to the inflammation of the pancreas, due to auto-digestion (Parker, 2004). Although, pancreatitis is a common emergency it can also be potentially life threatening. Most episodes are mild and self limiting however up to a fifth of patients has attacks that can be fatal (Wilson et al; 1990)....

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