Patients Acceptance Of Nurse Practitioners Essay

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Nursing is a broad field with limitless possibilities; one of those possibilities included is a nurse practitioner. A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice nurse that is capable of furthering care for patients. Nurse practitioners are able to see and treat their own patients, plus be a part of collaborative care. When patients visit the physician’s office, most are now being treated only by a nurse practitioner and may never actually see a physician. Although Nurse Practitioners are highly capable and educated to administer care to patients in all settings; patients are becoming unwilling and somewhat reluctant to be seen by anyone but a physician.

Nurse Practitioners, through schooling, clinical experience and workplace experience are exceedingly capable to deliver care to patients. Nurse practitioners are able to specialize and work in almost any field they desire, such as pediatrics, family care and gerontology but according to the Health Resources and Services Administration, “the vast majority of nurse practitioners, about 65%, are employed in ambulatory or primary care (as cited in Poghosyan, Lucero, Rauch, & Berkowitz., 2012). As of 2015, to become a nurse practitioner one must obtain a doctorate in nursing practice degree. With the increase in schooling, nurse practitioners are becoming even more educated and equipped to deliver high quality care. Although nurse practitioners receive the same schooling and are equally qualified to do their job, each state has their own scope of practice for what they can do. According to Pearson, “in some states, nurse practitioners provide care without any involvement from a physician. In other states, providing the same care requires that nurse practitioners collaborate or even be supervised by a physician” (as cited in Poghosyan et al., 2012). Since each state has it’s own scope of practice, it is difficult for some to see nurse practitioners in the correct way. Also, because some states have a less restrictive scope of practice, many students seeking a degree as nurse practitioner are attending schools in these states, taking away from other states causing a substantial shift in where nurse practitioners are found working. The ununiformed scope of practice across the United States is causing nurse practitioners to be seen different lights depending on where one goes.
Amongst other healthcare workers, nurse practitioners are professionally identified for their scope of practice and capability to provide high quality care. The collaborative care that takes place where nurse practitioners work allow other health care providers to see them at work and see what they are capable of doing. There is no doubt in the healthcare workforce that nurse practitioners are qualified and highly capable of doing their job in a professional way. As reported by the American Medical Association, “many disciplines, including physicians, recognize nurse practitioners are capable of providing effective and safe care...

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