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Patriarchy And Misogyny: What A Grand Ole Time

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When you think of ancient Greece, you probably think of togas, polytheism, epic heros, and olives. But do you how women were treated or veiwed? There is quite a lot of evidence displayed throughout manyplays, epics and other documents. Oedipus the King and The Odyssey are two ancient Greek works of literature that exemplify their society perfectly. Ancient Greece was a patriarchial society where women were treated as objects and sex symbols and misogyny was often present.
In the play Oedipus the King, Oedipus the main character exhibits some misogyny shortly thereafter blinding himself and finding out he fulfilled the prophecy of murdering his father and marrying his mother. He asks Creon, his brother-in-law or uncle, if he can see his daughters one last time before he banishes himself and says this to the girls “I weep for you- see you I cannot- when I think of your future, the bitter life you will lead, the way men will treat you… And when you come to the age or marriage who will take the risk my daughters, and shoulder the burden of reproach which will be directed at my children- and yours- and yours?... And who will marry you? There is no one who will do so, children; your destiny is clear- to waste away unmarried, childless” (81). Oedipus tells his daughters they will never find anyone who will accept them. He is making them out to be sullied objects no one wants. As if it is 100% the man’s choice to marry a woman and she gets no say in it whatsoever. This is the way women were treated back then.
women were also treated as some what of sex symbols. In The Odyssey, Calypso, the sea nymph Odysseus (whom is the protagonist) lives with on her island for seven year, provides a near perfect example of this. Aside from being referred to as the “lusterous goddess” through out the work,...

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