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Patriarchy: Gender Identity And Woman Subject

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The woman question has been flourished both on the historical background and in the modern socio-cultural standing through the hegemony of man.In this context, woman subject faces to the problems; dehumanization, role conflicts and alienation of gender which are led by patriarchal understanding. The position of woman confined in the patriarchal society, women should deny being subordinated under patriarchal community.
In this essay, oppression towards the woman subject will be argued.
“Patriarchy is a political-social system that insists that males are inherently dominating, superior to everything and ...view middle of the document...

Turkey also appears low on the list of European countries when it comes to the share of women in employment.
Furthermore, in Nazi Germany, with the Law for the Encouragement of Marriage in 1933, women were expected to marry at young age and they were restrained to live out of home and forced to have children. Their gender role was identified to keeping house like cooking, childcare or providing emotional support. Additionally, in Turkey as being expanding country, the Prime Minister R.T.Erdoğan has been urging families to procreate at least three babies to raise fertility rates again. It dehumanizes women as a prolific animal. Therefore, politically and ideologically placed of women status quo should be denied because it is primarily an invasion of human rights and patriarchal derision on women.

It is certainly true that the sexual abuse or violence against women is rely on
the view of a second class to women. Gender inequality predisposes for sexual
abuse on women. According to report by the Turkish government dating from
11.04.20142009, 42% of the surveyed women said they had been physically or
sexually abused by their husband or partner. The rate of male violence and
sexual assault in Turkey proves that patriarchal community is systematically
endured and tolerated violence against women. According to another study,
some commonly-expressed views on rape were given to individuals from
various professions, who were asked to agree or disagree; results recorded that
33% of the police officers agreed that "some women deserve rape", 66% of
police officers, as well as nearly 50% of other professional groups suggested
that "the physical appearance and behaviors of women tempt men to rape."
The male gaze within various institutions, also the media shows how women
traditionally have been demonstrated as an object. Women are presented in


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