Patriotism And Colonialism Essay

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In the colonial era, patriotism developed high levels of motivation and generated new-found love for a country. The love for a person’s home country allowed Europeans to do great things in the name of their nation. A lot of the advances in technology, increases in economy and exploration happened because of the motivation caused by patriotism. Technology and exploration were vastly motivated by patriotism so that one’s home country could rise above all other colonizing countries. The economy showed less patriotism, but corruption in colony governments were generally low, and little resources were kept in the colonies. Discover all the tiny factors of the relationship between patriotism and colonialism in this detailed document.

A lot of the advances in technology were inspired by one’s desire to helped their nation to reach farther that their own colonial territory. This was achieved in various ways with different levels of relation to technology advancement. There were advancements in the levels of education that provided the requirements for the development of technology, which in turn helped the people research into transport for exploration in the name of their kingdom. (in-text) Once in a while, colonizing countries would encounter unfriendly natives, and that would lead to an increased need for weapon evolvement and increased weapon production. The reason for there being a motivation for advancing the technology of the world is the curiosity of what could happen if our country had something that other countries didn’t have. (in-text)That was the general reason for the technology advancement motivation of the population. But, once in a while, when there was an emergency, there would be a steep rise in patriotism to save the colonies’ from native harm by researching into better weapons design and weapons production. (in-text)But, there was one possible problem that came from research: it was expensive. That wasn’t a problem for most countries though...

When resources were found in the New Lands, a lot of the people finding them devoted most of it for their country, so that their nation could rise above others. This was mostly shown by the cooperation between colonizers for the good of the country, which lead to a more efficient and morale-boosted wok-force to mine resources. (in-text)Even the colony government was very loyal and patriotic to the country. The corruption rates were very low everywhere. (in-text)One can prove the loyalty shown to the home country by looking at buildings and items made from colony resources in the home countries and looking at the buildings of early and middle-aged colonies. (in-text)By looking at these, we can confer that the main priority was the home country under any circumstances, and that patriotism was regarded highly even in the economy. However, the only way a colony could provide this economic service was by exploring the unknown lands for resources, in which patriotism played the largest role.


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