Patterns Of Crime Throughout History Essay

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Patterns of Crime Throughout History

Crime is a pattern of events that occurs time after time, and has been set in history and followed for years. People commit crimes for many different reasons, however crimes are committed by choice and not for necessity. Crime is behavior that violates society legal codes. Crimes are broken down into two types, one is violent crime and the other is property crime. Violent crime is an unlawful event such as homicide, rape, and assault that may result in injury to a person. Robbery is also a violent crime because it involves the use or the threat of force against the person. Property crimes are unlawful acts that are committed with the intent of gaining property, but do not involve the use of threat or the threat of force against individuals. Larceny, burglary, and motor vehicle theft are examples of property crimes (Deputy Chief of Police David Sloggie, ADJ 105Thomans Nelson Community College). In our history children has played a major role in these type crimes.
Crimes are committed everyday in our society by youth, however there is multitude of crimes committed everyday in our schools. Most schools experience a small number of crimes in 1996-97. The numbers of crimes that are reported are relatively low. According to Deputy Chief of police David Sloggie crimes in school doesn’t get reported often because it brings the reputation of the school and their value of education down their for crimes that are committed in school will not be reported unless it’s a major incident. The National Center for Education Statistics states that in 1996-97, 43% of public schools reported no incident, 37% report ed between 1 to 5 incidents, 7% reported 6to 10 incidents, and 12% reported more than 10 incidents. In reference to the small number of statistics our schools are failing to keep our children safe from danger, because they rather protect the reputation of the school. Children with deviant behavior see this and take complete advantage of the situation. Out of a 1000 crimes per 100,000 students were reported in our nation’s public school. 950 crimes out of 100,000 were not serious violent crimes. These crimes were in the area of theft, vandalism, fights, or assaults without weapons. 50 serious crimes was reported which includes rape or sexual battery, robbery, and fights with weapons also suicide. As seen in the above statements school is where a lot of this deviant behavior takes place. Police Officers need to be removed from our schools and instead of keeping all the problems in the principals office, all unlawful acts need to be reported to the proper authorities to get the juvenile delinquents out...

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