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Paul Duncm's Life And Study On The Impact Of Technological Stimuli

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Do you ever just sit back and wonder how many images run through your brain everyday and thinking back on that how many of those were images from our society’s pop culture? With our ever growing technology and media of our society, children are constantly being exposed to visual stimuli. Paul Duncum, a professor of art education, studies how these stimuli not only affect our students and children but also how we can incorporate them into the art classroom in an effective way. In this paper I will illustrate to you the life and work of Paul Duncum. I will be talking about Duncum’s contributions to art education, his teaching philosophy, and how I can use his beliefs and teachings in my future ...view middle of the document...

He stayed University of Tasmania until 2002, where he then moved to the United States and began the professor of art education at the school of art and design, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. He is still teaching at the University of Illinois today and is currently teaching three classes there including Issues in Art Education: Visual Culture in Art Education, Issues in Art Education: Foundations in Art Education and Foundations in Art Education. (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, 2003) Paul Duncum has also been bestowed awards for his contributions in art education. He has received a Life Membership of the Australian Institute of Art Education and the Manual Barkan Memorial Award. Duncum is also a referee for many prestigious art education journals including: Studies in Art Education, Australian Art Education, the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education, the Canadian Review of Art Education, International Journal of Arts and Education, Research in Arts Education and the International Journal of Arts Education. Not only does he judge and review works in the these journals but he also submits many as well.
Paul Duncum has produced many articles for art education journals and also other art journals. He has also been featured in several books published by the National Art Education Association. In addition to being a contributor to these books he has also been the editor to Visual Culture in the Art class: Case studies. Paul Duncum’s major contribution to art education is the idea of increasing incorporation of visual culture in our art classrooms. As stated in his 2006 writing, Challenges to Art Education from Visual Culture Studies, he explains that one aspect that remains constant in both visual culture and art is that the interest in both is to communicate people’s values and beliefs through visual imagery. He incorporating new forms of media into his articles and explains how help get inclusion for these forms into the classroom. Duncum is conscious of how the media, technology and visual culture is changing everyday. He uses these new technologies and tries to incorporate them, he himself has a Twitter and Facebook account to stay current. Another major new form of technology he talks about is Youtube. He states in his 2014 article, Youth on YouTube as Smart Swarms, that YouTube, a form of media that has seemed to infiltrate our daily lives in our current culture, has given youths an outlet to use skills that we, and many other species innately share. Duncum talks about four skills, decentralized control, diversity of knowledge, indirectly collaboration, and adaptive mimicking. He explains that decentralized control means that individuals can simply upload almost anything to wherever their creativity takes them. With aspects like diversity of knowledge, adaptive mimicking and indirectly collaboration with one another lead to connections across the world. They also allow for third party feedback,...

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