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From a lieutenant of artillery to a silversmith, Paul Revere is a man of many talents. He had a bigger impact on American history then just exclaiming, “The British are coming,” though. Paul Revere is important to American society because of his participation in politics, community affairs, and wars and his craftsmanship.
Paul Revere was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 1, 1735. Revere was born to Apollos Rivoire, who later changed his name to Paul, and Deborah Hichman. Deborah had grew up in Boston whereas Apollos moved to the city when he was 13. Revere was one of twelve children and the third born. Paul Revere dropped out of school relatively young to become an apprentice ...view middle of the document...

As a member of the Sons of Liberty, he produced many engravings portraying political themes to try and persuade the local townspeople to support the group and help them stand up for what’s right. Also, Revere was a strong enforcer of Samuel Adam’s independence movement, during which he was an engraver as well as a courier. Lastly, he was a courier for the Boston Committee of Transportation and an engraver for the Royal American magazine.
Not many people know this, but Paul Revere was one of the ringleaders in the Boston Tea Party. The ship, the Dartmouth, arrived in the Boston Harbor in November 1773. As a member of the North End Caucus, part of his duty was to prohibit the unloading of the tea into Boston. To accomplish this task, he was to take a shift watching the Dartmouth. On December 16, 1773, acting as a ringleader, Revere dumped tea from the Dartmouth into the harbor below.
Another important task that Revere took part in was spying on the British which eventually led to his “Midnight Ride”. Paul Revere met at the Green Dragon with 30 “mechanics” almost every night. This was around the time General Gage closed the Boston Fort and forced quartering on local townsfolk. One day in December of 1774, Revere heard rumors of the British troops landing in Portsmith, New Hampshire, so he rode there to tell the officials to prepare. The British didn’t end up landing there, but his message helped them to be prepared anyway. Compared to his next ride, this ride seemed unimportant and worthless.
Around April 7, 1775 there was suspected big British movement and this meant that Revere and the other thirty men were on watch around the clock. A few days later on the British side, General Gage was commanded to send troops to arrest Adams and Hancock and to destroy the military supplies. But General Gage only sent troops to destroy the supplies because he feared the arrest would start and unnecessary war that neither side needed at the time. And so on April 18, 1775, Paul Revere was ordered by Joseph Warren to warn Hancock and Adams of the danger they could be in. Between nine and ten at night, Revere was on his way. In a rowboat, he crossed the Charles River and then rode through Lexington, Somerville, Medford and Arlington on horseback. Along the way, he warned the people in the towns he crossed of the danger. Contrary to beliefs, he didn’t shout the message, instead he said it quietly as to keep as much secrecy as possible. As soon as he warned Hancock and Adams, he continued on his way warning people in surrounding towns. But not too long after warning Hancock and Adams, he was detained by the British Army. He was questioned at gunpoint and when he told them that everyone knew of their movement and that there were people after them, he was released. As you can see, Revere played a major role in this instance and without him we may still have been under British control today.
After his famous ride, he worked closely with the...

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