Paul Revere Being The Greatest American Hero And Why.

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American Revolution Research ProjectPaul RevereSir Paul Revere has become known as a historical figure that most people interpret as an erratic man, running about, announcing that "The British are coming!". Not only was that famous quote never shouted from his mouth, but Revere was involved with the American Revolution in many other ways. The tale of his life begins with an average upbringing, where no one could have predicted the fascinating future that destiny had assigned him. A brief synopsis of the life of Paul Revere consists of 4 major modules- Early life, Career prior to the Revolution, Activity in the Revolution, and Later life following the Revolution. Many of Americans, or people in general, have heard the tale of Paul Revere's midnight ride during the American Revolution. What most don't know, is that there were 40 other riders participating in that trek. Having an accurate account of the history of our country is knowledge that all U.S. citizens should possess. The story of Paul Revere and his 12 mile ride, is one that left a giant footprint on American history.Paul Revere lived a childhood that would be defined as 'normal' for the era in which he lived. He was born January 1, 1735 in Boston, Massachusetts. Upon his birth, Revere was baptized under the Calvinist religion at the Boston New Haven Church, where he remained a lifelong member. He was the oldest surviving son, of the 9-12 children* parented by Apollos Rivoire (later known as Paul Revere Sr.) and Deborah Hitchbourn. Being of french descent and new to the American way of life, Revere Sr. practiced gold smithing, but later apprenticed a silversmith and opened his own practice. During his time of youth, Paul Revere attended The North Writing School where he received a minimal education, because of the predetermined fact that he would inherit his father's trade. Little did anyone know that this death would occur sooner rather than later. Apollos Rivoire died leaving young Paul to take the head of the large Revere household. Revere was now the main source of income for his family, along with being the only child of age and capable to bring money into the home.Shortly after his father's death, Paul Revere enlisted in the army and was drafted as a second lieutenant. He fought during the French and Indian war, and involved himself with the Crown Point expedition in Lake George, NY. With what little government knowledge and experience he possessed, Revere openly sided with the Federalist party. Proceeding the war, he returned to the family business, then currently being run by his mother Deborah and younger brothers. Between the time of the French and Indian War and the American Revolution, Paul found himself a wife, a woman named Sarah Orne. They conceived eight children together, six of which survived past infancy. Along with being dubbed a successful silversmith, Revere advertised himself as a practicing dentist and businessman. The silver works that Revere produced throughout...

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