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Paul Revere's Ride Essay

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Hello. I’m guessing you are here to listen to my story, my famous ‘Midnight Ride’? Settle down and get comfortable, because it is a long story.

Might as well start from the very beginning. I was born on January first, seventeen thirty-five in Boston, Massachusetts, before America became an independent country. That means we were still controlled by the British. My father’s name was Appollos De Revoire, a French Huguenot (a member of the Protestant faith). My mother’s name was Deborah Hitchbourn-Revere.

Although, you don’t really care about that stuff do you? You think the most interesting thing about me is my ‘Midnight Ride’, as they called it. Yes, yes, I can tell by the ...view middle of the document...

I returned to the main road of Lexington past Cambridge.

Sometime just after midnight, I arrived at Reverend Jonas Clarke’s house. That is where my friends, Samuel Adams and John Hancock were staying. For some reason, I got intercepted by Mr. William Munroe, the sergeant of Lexington’s minutemen. He was standing guard over the house. He didn’t recognize me. I became very impatient (I was definitely not known for my patience level) so I asked if I could go inside to see John Hancock. He said yes, but to stay very quiet because most of the guests were resting.

Mr.Munroe let me pass and I knocked on the door. Reverend Clark soon appeared and invited me into his house. I delivered my message. I then cleansed, fed, and watered myself and Deacon Larkin’s horse. Dawes finally arrived at the house with the same message.

After a brief rest, Dawes and I left the house and set out for Concord at a good, leisurely pace. We were soon stopped by Dr. Samuel Prescott, who was from Concord. He considered himself to be a faithful patriot. He asked to join William and me.

We said no at first, because we didn’t trust him. He slyly pointed out that the residents of Concord would sooner believe him, who was well known, than two strangers that show up in the middle of the night saying that the British were coming. William and I decided to let...

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