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Paul Revere's Ride, By David Hackett Fischer

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Paul Revere’s Ride has many sections which decodes Reveres life. Paul Revere’s midnight ride has a huge event in America’s history but was overlooked by many. David Hackett wrote this book telling all what happened before, during, and after his journey which led to the American Revolution. This showed the courageousness of Revere throughout his lifetime from his childhood to his battles. Hackett also unravels the story of Thomas Gage. He also took a huge role in impacting American liberty and law, and the American Revolution.
The book began with Paul Revere’s America. Paul Revere’s real name was Apollos Riviore. Paul Reveres name was later changed because of it being too hard to pronounce. He was born on the small island of Guernsey in the English channels but at age 12, he sailed to Boston on November 15, 1715. By 1722, he was a goldsmith in Boston. In 1729, Paul Revere married a named Deborah Hitchborn. He worked as an artisan and a silversmith. During this time, he was known to have amazing skills in both jobs. One of Paul Revere’s best designs was his print of the Boston Massacre in 1770. It helped to create an image of British tyranny and American virtue that still shapes memory of the massacre.
When it came to General Thomas Gage, he was the commander and chief of British forces in the new world. In 1774, he was known to be the most powerful man in North America.
Gage was the one to be a soldier who hated war. Thomas Gage took part in the battle of Culloden, the French and Indian War, and in the conquest of Canada. He witnessed the British defeat at Fontenoy which changed his outlook of battles. “He was the younger son of an aristocratic Anglo-Catholic family with its seat at Firle Place, Susses, in the south of England” (Fisher 32). General Gage’s dilemma was that even though he had his troops bound by “constitutional laws,” he still had a responsibility to honor what he called” the common rights of mankind” (Fisher 37).In order to prevent a war, General Gage came up with some missions to remove enough weapons from the Americans hands that they couldn’t revolt. The weakness for this plan was that it could only succeed by surprise. His policy wanted to get rid of democracy He wanted to limit access to law, & shift political cases to England. Edmund Burke said Gage’s dilemma was “an Englishman is the most unfit person on earth to argue another Englishman into slavery.” As resistance against the crown grew into violence, Gage grew frustrated. He accepted the obligation to give the colonists with moderation and justice. But with that treatment, it only seemed to make them more daring. This plan could only succeed by surprise, so he did his best to keep his intentions secret.
The morning of 1774, Gage began to start his plan. His first step was to seize the largest stock of gunpowder in New England He was successful, but the people of New England took it as a sign of war an angry mob exiled William Brattles and forced Colonel David Philips to...

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