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Paul's Police Report

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It all started when I went to the football field last week. I decide to sit behind the bleachers at Lake Windsor High School and to watch the rest of football practice while my mother was in a parent meeting inside the school. Then, I saw Luis's Cruz pick-up truck parking, at first I was wondering what exactly he was doing there then I found out that he wanted to talk to Erik Fisher. Luis went asking for him, and of course they told him where he was. At first Erik looked surprised then slightly scared, so he whispered something in Arthur Bauer's ear. I didn't really catch it but as soon as i saw Arthur pull out a blackjack I knew exactly what was gong to happen. Slowly Arthur started to make his way up to Luis slowly then that's when it happened. Unexpectedly Arthur hit Luis with the weapon on the side of his head.

After that happened Erik said I quote "Arthur takes care of all my light work," to Luis. I knew that they didn't know ...view middle of the document...

I wasn't brave enough either until now.

Luis Cruz was always a hard worker, he fought for his farm to save it on cold winter nights and would protect his family. He was a kind person with a warm heart, when no one paid attention to me he made sure that I was okay and would invite me to his farm. People like him don't deserve to go but at least you would know hat they where set from this cruel world. He meant the world to his younger siblings Theresa and Tino, they way they would always talk about him and say things about him and his hard work. Luis was defiantly a role model that logs of people wish they had in their lives. I had the pleasure to meet him and get to know him even though it was for a short amount of time. Luis's family depended on him mainly because he was the one creating knew fruit that would help support their family. I also think that he was the one that help his brother keep sane from getting in to too much trouble. People looked up to him because he did what some people wish they could do s in a life time, yet he did in a couple of years of hard work. In my soccer team in Tangerine Middle School, most of the team would look up to him because all the things he accomplished. He was a great man and will never be forgotten in my heart.

As for Erik Fisher, he always wanted to be on top of everyone. But once you really think about it, you can blame him that is practically how he grew up and that is all he has ever known. The people that mainly only look up to him are his followers at school much like Arthur Bauer. The only reason why they look up to him is because they want to be a part of the Erik Fisher football team, and they would do anything to be a part of it even follow him like a lost puppy. The thing is that Erik doesn't deserve half of the care and attention he gets, considering that all that attention got him to where he is today and he is not in a very good place. No one would have ever guessed that Erik would have ended up here. As I once said people depended on him because of the only talent he ever had which was to play football and apparently to make it big in the football business. I hope that this made you all see a whole new side of Erik that I had always seen.

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