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Paul Simon's "Sounds of Silence" I chose the song "Sounds of Silence" because I admire Paul Simon's lyrics and I believe this is one of his best songs in terms of its poetic quality. The song is very haunting: its lyrics stir you and leave you feeling as though you've heard and witnessed something profound. Though I struggle with trying to understand much of it, I enjoy trying it figure it out. An analysis of this song must begin with the very first line. The adress, "Hello darkness," is an apostrophe as darkness is not human. However, the author immediately states that he has come to talk with darkness, the first of many examples of personification. Perhaps this desire to speak to darkness is an expression of the loneliness that the persona is feeling, the sense of desperation. As the stanza continues, the persona acknowledges that a vision has come to him in his sleep and planted seeds in his brain. These lines contain many figures of speech, including personification, alliteration ("seeds while I was sleeping"), assonance ("seeds," "sleeping"), and symbolism. The seeds symbolize a dream or an inspiration the persona has had, something that once planted will stay with him instead of disappearing when he wakes. Thus this vision is a metaphor for an unshakable belief. Finally, the last line of this stanza contains both alliteration, in the title words, "sounds of silence," and a paradox as obviously silence does not make a sound. The second stanza contains more personification with the introduction of the neon light that stabs eyes, splits night, and touches silence. In the second line, the author provides an example of assonance with the long "o" sound in both "narrow and "cobblestone." Furthermore,...

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