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Pay It Forward Essay

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Making a difference in the world is not strenuous; it is the choices conceived that dictate either a positive or negative impact upon society. Most people do not wish to negatively impact others, but unfortunately events such as this occur nonetheless. When involving myself with my UNI classmates, we came to the conclusion that we must surpass all struggles and attempt to assist those who cannot assist themselves. Various ideas were tossed back and forth until we came to one cessation: every single idea was a prodigious idea. Our group had no choice other than to complete multiple acts of kindness towards human beings in our surrounding areas.
The first act of kindness that my group permitted involved paying for a stranger’s meal in a random dining establishment. We had to commit this act separately as our schedules clashed aggressively. On a secluded note, I decided to dine in at McDonald’s with a group of acquaintances and watch customers closely as they walked through the door. I paid for three separate meals and the customers were nothing but bonhomous and kind-hearted. It was astonishing that the customers halfway expected me to include an obligation, but I just smiled politely and handed each customer a sheet of paper that said, “Pass it on”.
My group established the concept of handing out these particular sheets of paper with each act of kindness committed due to the movie we viewed in class (Pay It Forward). The movie had affected us deeply, and personally, the movie caused me to bawl my eyes out. I shuffled out of class that day with an altered perspective; I wanted to change the world one step at a time. My group and I settled on the idea of fabricating slips of paper with the words “pass it on” written on them, handing them out to strangers after each act of kindness fulfilled because we strongly believed that this was a simple way to get the significance of our good deeds across. It’s not a difficult task to make others feel appreciated and ponderous, which is the point we yearned to get across...

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