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Concert Analysis: Songs Around the Word

I Offer Thee by Allen Ridout
1.     Gregorian chant consists of a single-lined melody and is monophonic in texture. This piece also consists of these basic structures as well as not having any harmory or counterpoint. This piece performed by U of I faculty member Steven Rickards, is sung a cappella.
2.     This piece differs from the traditional Gregorian chant of the Middle ages because of the jumps and leaps presented in the piece, which show that the piece was written after the period. Another reason it differs from chant is because this is plainchant rather than Gregorian. It is also sung in English, rather than the traditional Latin text.

Ahavant Olam by Ben Steinburg
3.     Cantillation, according to the Harvard Music Dictionary, is to chant or recite (a liturgical text) in a musical monotone; recitation or reading with musical modulations. One of its features is that the piece is straight out of the torah
4.     One of the main reasons why this piece has a Jewish sound is it is in minor key, giving it the drama of a jewish piece. It also has a monotonic sound present. In some parts of the piece, the vocalist embellishes some of the long syllables, making it melismatic. Mizi Westra did a great job of bringing out the main idea of the text which is peace and love.
5.     The main role of the piano on this piece is to establish the melodic idea. The pianist, Amy Eggelston, lets the vocalist take over but makes it like they are singing together. The pianist plays just as an important role as the vocalist, making her not an accompanist.
Leit etter livet by Christian Sinding
6.     I believe that the piece is talking about happiness and fulfillment. The piece is entitled Leit etter livet which translated means “Seek after Life and Live it.” The performer exemplifies this with his happy singing and the piano has an ascending line that also portrays happiness.

Det forste by Edvard Grieg

7.     Mr. Samuelson interprets the piece in a few ways. First, with his urgency. He displays his passion and oneness of the music. He uses lots of dynamics and also in some cases bends the pitch, which makes the piece more interesting. He also displays a great representation of lightness and darkness. The piano helps makes this happen with several chord changes to make the “light” obvious and “darkness.” His voice becomes somber when it goes to “darkness” like he is sad, then becomes bright when back to “light.” The last chord on the piano, I believe says that the story is still continuing on even after the piece.
Pierrot by Claude Debussy
8.      Claude Debussy was among the most influential composers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Born Achille-Claude Debussy in 1862 in St.-Germain-en-Laye, France,...

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