Paying Close Attention To Language And Action, Discuss The Significance And Dramatic Effects Of The Following Extract Essay

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(Jane carries rather carefully two more glasses she considers dirty.  To….Jane: good old elbow grease - that's the way. She sets to work, her head almost inside the oven) 

The following passage occurs within ACT two of Absurd Person Singular. It happens in the midst of a somewhat chaotic time in the household, wherein Eva- being depressed- has made several attempts to kill herself, as she grows more and more desperate to end it all. shortly before this scene, Geoffrey has found out what it is exactly Eva is attempting to do, yet the other character, still unbeknown to her attempts are left clueless and presented as singled minded individuals who cannot see what is happening right in front of them. However, despite its dark undertones, this is where much of the humour in this act comes from, thus black humour is very present within this extract.
The humour throughout the entirety of the play is very vivid, however within the second ACT, it is more so than the others. Jane, after seeing Eva in the oven, adds to her completely unaware look by assuming she is infact trying to clean the oven. So much so that she says “I must clean that oven if it kills me, I shan’t sleep,” which proves to be incredibly Ironic as Eva is trying to kill herself. As well as this, throughout the entire od ACT two, this scene included, we never actually hear Eva herself speak, but rather the characters themselves make their own conversation with her, such as when Jane asks for “oven cleaner? Have we got any? Well if we haven’t, we’ll have to use our old friend Mr. Vim, won’t we?” In this Jane asks 3 consecutive questions, receives no actual answer yet continues as if a normal conversation has just taken place. This adds to neurotic nature of Jane. This is again furthered later on where, in the stage...

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