Paying College Athletes Is The Right Thing To Do

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Between the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL professional athletes are making an average salary of 3.19 million dollars per year, compared to college athletes, who are making zero dollars. College athletes are playing the same sports as professionals are, so why not get paid like them in some kind of way. Some College Athletes are televised just like the professionals as well. Every year the NCAA and College Universities make a good amount of money off of their athletic programs. College Athletes work just as hard as the professionals do, if not harder. This is like a job and on top of sports, they have to keep up with their school work, pay rent, and other expenses as well. These are just a few valid points on why college athletes deserve to be paid.
Throughout the NCAA and College Universities, money is not being fairly disputed between the coaches, players, athletic trainers, and any other person who has anything to do with the Universities’ sports programs. Head coaches are making an average of what most professional coaches are making. For instance, Nick Saban, the head coach for the University of Alabama’s football team is currently being paid $5.5 Million dollars a year and this is not including National Championships and any other awards he has earned for the school. (Citation). Division 1 (D1) schools are being recognized way more than the Division 2 and 3 (D2 and D3) schools, so it is not giving the D2 and D3 coaches a chance to earn some of that money the NCAA is making. Some of the D2 and D3 coaches are as experienced as the D1 coaches but all of the talented players are going are going to the D1 Universities’. The plays are the ones who are making all of the plays and the coaches are just on the sideline calling the shots. Coaches do have a big responsibility for making the decisions and the players are getting nothing for making the plays and helping they’re teams win the game.
The College Universities are making a lot of money from they’re athletic programs because the games are being nationally televised. When a good D1 college team has continuously good seasons, they start to get televised a lot more and when they are being televised, it gets younger athletes interest in that team and helps them decide what college athletic program they want to sign with when it comes to signing day. On January 7th 2012, the University of Notre Dame and University of Alabama were both in the National Bowl Championship Series (BCS Bowl). Alabama earned $23.6 million for making it the BCS Bowl and winning it. Just for making it to the BCS Bowl, Notre Dame earned $6.2 million and they earn about $2 million a year even if they don’t make it to any type of bowl game. Every year the winner of the BCS Bowl gets 25% of BSC’s net revenue; which is all of the ticket sales, all the money from...

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