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Paying Kids To Excel Essay

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In today’s society, every child in the United States has to attend school from preschool to the end of high school. A total of 13 years, or till s/he reaches 18 years old and decides to drop out. School exist to help students realize their full potential, to equip students with the skills they will need to achieve success and contribute to society, or to foster the development of independence, critical thinking, and strong ethical values. We would expect every student to be excited about going to school every day and doing their best, but there are others who are not as excited.. There are many students in the United States that take advantage of the free public education system that is offered, and become successful from the education they’ve received. But not all students take advantage of the education system and don’t do the work that they are supposed to, and do bad in standardized test. In the article by Jennifer Medina named “Next Question: can students be paid to excel?” it states that “School districts nationwide have seized on the idea that a key to improving schools is to pay for performances, whether through bonuses for teachers and principals, or rewards like cash prizes for students.” Many people believe that this will help improve students’ performance while the time the cash reward program is offered. But many other people including me, believe that this is not a good idea for the students overall. Los Angeles middle schools should not offer cash rewards to students to improve their academic motivation and performance because they will be thinking about the money rather than their own motivation to become educated and successful in life.
As a student their job is to come to school every day and complete the work that is given to them. Some students don’t understand the purpose of the education they receive, so they decide to mess around. In the article “Next Question: can students be paid to excel?” Jennifer states an example “a seventh grade English class was asked on morning if there were too many standardized test. Every hand in the room shot up to answer with a defiant yes. But at the same time, the students all agreed that receiving money for doing well on a test was a good idea, saying it made school more exciting, and made doing well more socially acceptable.” From this we can see that the students are more fascinated about the money rather than the purpose of education itself. So for this reason the cash program would not be a good idea. Another example is when they asked the students “would it be better to get the money as college scholarship? Shouts of “no way!!” echoed through the room. “we might not all go to college,” one student protested.” From this reply from many students some say they won’t go to college. We can see that the students don’t see themselves getting more education after high school. This is bad because students should already be motivated and ready to advance to the next level.
There are many...

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