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Paying The Way For The Future Of S Ports

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The Bible states in Proverbs 22:7, “The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower becomes the lender's slave.” The rich NCAA and universities rule over the poorer student athletes. These student athletes are borrowing an education with their scholarships and in return are expected to become the slave of the university. The student athletes live in the debt of the university and frequently don’t have enough money for clothes, food, and basic needs. This is just one of the many reasons why college student athletes should be compensated for a percentage of what the university makes due to their success.
First, student athletes should be paid because they make a large sum of money for their universities. Not only does the school make a large sum of money, but the cities where these schools are located make a large sum of money. Brazos Country where Texas A&M is located generated $86 million in business in 2012. College football and men’s college basketball alone generate more than $6 billion dollars in annual revenue. These student athletes are not stupid; they see that the university sells jerseys with their names on them in the school’s bookstores. These student athletes do not make a dime on jersey sales. They are not even allowed to sign their name for any form of compensation. Any other student at a university can sign their name and charge someone a fee for their signature. Student athletes are held to a completely different, higher standard than almost all of the other students at these universities. Former Tennessee running back and current Houston Texan said, “It’s funny, I looked up the definition of indentured servant and it is exactly what a student athlete is…” The definition of an indentured servant is, “A person under contract to work for another person for a definite period of time, usually without pay but in exchange for free passage to a new country.” The student athletes sign an agreement to play a sport in exchange for a free education. In summary, student athletes make a fortune for their universities and do not even own the rights to their own signature.
Next, some people believe that it would be very difficult for universities to pay their student athletes. This is partly due to the extreme salaries that coaches and athletic directors are paid. In 40 states, the highest paid public employee is the state university’s head football or basketball coach. There are 48 head men’s basketball coaches and 104 head football coaches that make more money per year than our president. That is not even the worst of it; there are 86 assistant football coaches that make more than the $400,000 a year that Barack Obama makes. The highest paid of all of these coaches is Mike Krzyzewski at $7,233,976. Just ask yourself, is a college basketball coach worth more than our president? Another reason is that these schools all work as “non-profit, untaxable organizations that have massive expenses that usually exceed their revenue.” ...

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