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The Rise of the Early Church Assessment
There are three mysteries in this world that remained unsolved. One, what happened in the rise of the early church, two what came first the chicken or the egg, and, three where did the peanut butter and jelly sandwich come from. But no need to worry, for two of these mysteries will be solved. If the chicken and the egg battle is ever resolved, it will be well known. As for the other two, they will be answered soon.
There was once a very lonely sandwich named PB. He was a strong believer in the church. There was another lonely sandwich named Jelly, she was a strong believer as well. They had never met, but they both knew that something was missing. They lived in different lands, very far apart. But one night an angel called to them, telling them to head in each other’s direction. So the next day they did. They traveled for days and days. Then, they finally found each other. Their perfect match. Once they met, they decided to go home, to the church. So for days they walked, all the way to their new home.
They went to the church so they could get married. But they had to do a multitude of tasks. These tasks had to demonstrate how the church is growing socially. There were four tasks they had to complete. One they had to demonstrated which socio -economic groups it grew, they had to show the connection to the Jews, they had to demonstrated all the effects of epidemics, and they had to prove the role of women in the church. After these things were completed, they were able to get married. Because if they could outlast these strenuous tasks, they were definitely the perfect couple.
Their first task, demonstrating which socio -economic groups grew. A smaller cluster of intense group of middle class represented the early churches and they also included many lower ranks. It was assumed that the poor were more religious than the rich. The poor underrepresented in church. The reason there was such a break in classes was because people do not embrace a new faith if they are content with an older one and during this time new religious ways were making their way into areas where conventional religion is weak. It was also said that being more educated, would help you accept new religions.
PB and Jelly’s job was to bring all the classes together. That’s what they did, they were able to bring all of the classes under one roof, that roof was Christianity. This was very difficult, but they were able to do it. This task took a long time, and it is still in progress today, PB and Jelly just began the process. Once they finished this, they moved to the next task.
Their second task, they had to show the connection to the Jews. The Jews made up a good part of the church. But they were rejected, many sources have said this. Although, they were rejected they were an essential source for the church. Jews began to become Hellenized. There was approximately four Hellenized Jews to one Traditional Jew. To get to the Hellenized...

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