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PDHPE Assignment 3- Sports MedicineScenario One-Outline the assessment procedures that the trainer should undertake in this case. From this assessment determine the classification and type of injury sustained.The assessment procedure I would undertake to determine the nature and extent of the injury is TOTAPS, which stands for Talk, Observe, Touch, Active movement, Passive movement and Skill test. TOTAPS is specifically designed to assess athletes in order to see whether they are capable of returning to the field or not and if the athlete does not pass the TOTAPS regime, they should not return to the field unless assessed by a qualified medical practitioner. The TOTAPS assessment is as follows:Talk- talk to the player to see what happened. Ask questions such as how and where did the injury occur? How painful is the area? Did you hear a crack or tear when the ball hit your leg? Did you twist your leg/ankle in any way when the ball hit you? You could also talk to teammates, bystanders and other coaches to get an idea of what has happenedObserve- Look to see if there are any obvious deformities or bruising around the calf. A good way to assess this is to compare the injured calf to the persons other calf. Also observe the players mental state, consciousness, position of body and their pupils and facial expressions-anything that gives you an idea of the type of pain the player is feelingTouch- Gently feel for any deformities (lumps, depressions, heat) or swelling, also touch to see how severe the pain the person is in. Touch is a good way to pinpoint the site of painActive movement- Get the player to do a range of movements that involve the injured area (calf) such as plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, inversion and eversion. Assess where there is pain in particular ranges of movements and if the player does not experience any pain further assessment can proceed. If in pain the person should not return to the field and should seek a qualified medical practitioners assistancePassive movement- The assessor physically mobilises the joint- ankle or knee in this case and gently puts the joint or calf through a range of normal movements checking for pain or instability in the joint (if there is any considering this is a calf injury).Skill test- Put the player through skills needed during the game such as running, hitting the ball, dribbling, and short sharp running movements. If there is no pain the player may return to the game. If the player does not perform the test to satisfaction they should not return to the field and should seek medical examination.From this I would observe that this injury was a direct injury as it was a result from an external force- the ball hitting the player. From here I would classify the injury as soft tissue contusion as there appears to be no damage to bone, decolourisation to the skin, pain and swelling, all symptoms of a contusion.Outline the management of this particular injury.Considering the injury appears to be a soft...

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