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Tom Davies 12CJ
Justify the selection of fitness tests commenting on suitability, reliability, validity and practicality
The first test I conducted was the sit-up test. This test is designed to test local muscular endurance- the ability of a muscle group to work for a long period of time. The objective of this test is to analyse whether or not my client can maintain the sit-up exercise for one minute. Having good LME (Local Muscular Endurance) in the core area will aid stability during the match and therefore could aid certain aspects such as agility. My client Rhys managed to achieve 50 sit-ups in 60 seconds. I picked this test because I knew that Rhys would have a good core due to the requirements during a rugby game. I found this test valid as I believe that the test is analysing the correct area. I believe this as it is testing whether or not my clients can maintain a high working level for a period of one minute whilst avoiding fatigue. In my opinion, the test is reliable as there isn’t many ways that the test can go wrong and therefore give anomalous results, for example, the test cannot go wrong if the person testing the client ensures that the reps are correct- this meaning that the shoulders and head must touch the mat. This test is practical because a small amount of equipment is needed and no particular facility is required. The only equipment required to conduct this test was a safety mat on the floor so the client didn't hurt their head or neck, and a stopwatch to keep the time, therefore I do believe that this test is suitable, reliable, valid and practical.
Following the sit-up test, allowed my client to cool down and re gather their energy. The next test we did was the skinfold callipers test- this test measures the percentage of body fat on the clients body and therefore body composition. I allowed my client to cool down as I needed to ensure that my client was completely relaxed as if they are tensing or their muscles aren’t fully relaxed, the results could be anomalous. Once my client had cooled down, I conducted the test. The areas of body fat that I needed to measure were: on the side of the stomach on the level of the belly-button or just below, my client had 11mm of body fat here, on the tricep ensuring that the arm was down by the side of the client ensuring that their arm was completely relaxed, my client also had 11mm of body fat in this area. The final area that I needed to measure was beneath the shoulder blade, my clients score in this area was 7mm. This test isn’t entirely valid as it measure the skin aswel, therefore the clients body fat cannot be based entirely on this test as it doesn’t measure the skin and fat separately. This test is reliable as the skinfold calliper is a proven piece of equipment and can be relied upon. This test is suitable as not much equipment is needed, it is quite time effective to conduct and no particular facility is needed to conduct the test. Once agin, the test I conducted is...

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