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Peace And Peacekeepers Essay

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Non-violent methods such as those employed by great men like Mohandas (later Mahatma) Gandhi, Martin Luther King Junior, and Nelson Mandela are absolutely crucial to solving problems of racism, as other stratagems may reap only a crop of renewed hatred and will ultimately lead to continued violence. Peaceful ways of protest against unjust and racist laws are often the only plausible solution, even in the face of hate and oppression.

Peace is not only the absence of violence, but a state in which there is no aggression and the government does not control by force. Negative peace is order, whereas positive peace is justice. Positive peace is truly the goal of any individual who advocates ...view middle of the document...

Martin Luther King Junior realized a modified form of Satyagraha in his protests for equality. When he, then at Morehouse College, first heard of Mohandas Gandhi, he was inspired and saw that nonviolence could change political systems. However it was not until the Montgomery bus boycott that he began to believe that peacefulness would work against extreme racism. Chanting and singing traditional African folk songs, blacks and whites alike using this school of thought demonstrated by marching, boycotting, and strikes as well as the Freedom Rides. When participating in a bus boycott, a woman was asked if her feet hurt. Her response: “My feet is real tired, but my soul is rested.” This became a motto of organizations against segregation such as the SCLC and SNCC were affected by Reverend King and Satyagraha as well.

The Montgomery bus boycott began as the result of one woman’s courage. When Rosa Parks one day was asked to give up her seat to a white, she refused and was jailed. Angry, thousands upon thousands boycotted the buses, organizing carpools and walking to school and work. After about a year, the buses were banned from forcing blacks to give up their seats. It was a small victory but it showed the power of peaceful protest and the black majority in...

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