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Gandhi was correct that not only Christians, but also the world, is not living by the social teachings of the Catholic Church. For a religion of over two billion people, it is extremely rare to see someone actually follow through on what they preach or believe. The extreme divide between wealth is the result of this appearance of good will, and it is creating a disappointing world to live in.
When looking at the world, it is easy to see the absence of human dignity, and the classification of some people as sub-human just because of factors such as where they were born, religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation. We unfortunately live in a world today where people value money and power ...view middle of the document...

Even in places that you would expect this to not happen, such as Canada and the United States, it still does. People think that it’s more important to stop this “war” on traditional “family values” and how the legalization of something like same-sex marriage would destroy them, then real issues such as why the number of homeless and people who need assistance from food banks is going up, even though it in no way affects them at all. We live in such a ridiculous world were people focus on such unimportant things rather than the quality of lives their fellow people live. Jesus believed in taking care of a stranger is as important as taking care of a family or friend, and that is severely lacking in our world today.
In today’s world, it seems one important thing, almost above everything else, is the acquiring of consumer goods. It isn’t bad to want nice things, but it also isn’t good to want the things that people were paid pennies to make or where thousands of people die in things like building fires because people wanted to cut every corner in order to make a profit. People should be able to have a job where they don’t have to work ridiculously long hours in order to provide for their family. This is especially evident in countries like China and Bangladesh, where most consumer goods are made. It is also extremely hypocritical of our school when we promote free trade and basically shame people who buy from places like China, when our uniforms and graduate sweaters are made in some sweatshop in Honduras. For every reported factory that burns down, how many more burn down unreported? It also shouldn’t be that some people are living in multi-million dollar mansions while some can’t even afford to live in slums. You shouldn’t be able to acquire such a mass of wealth while some can’t even drink clean water. Jesus wanted to help the poor, and did so by trying to do everything he could. It is a shame that we live in a world where it’s hard to find people who emulate what his message was. There are...

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