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Peace Corps Application Essay

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A: I am excited to use many of the professional skills and experience I have acquired here in the United States during my Peace Corps service. With my education as a Medical Science major, I believe I have a deep understanding of how many of the intricacies of the body work. This education will work perfectly when educating others of the biological aspects of HIV/AIDS as well as other diseases that are prevalent in Botswana. Through my HIV/AIDS counseling and test administration here at Washington State University I have also had a good amount of practice explaining the virus as well as the dangers associated with risky behavior. Through this counseling experience, I have learned a lot of new things about testing procedures and drug administration as well as new scientific discoveries associated to the virus and the war against it. My EMT training will also come in handy in many situations throughout my Peace Corps experience. I hope I never have to use any of the emergency medicine I am trained in. However, many non life threatening techniques will certainly come in handy on a daily basis. This includes things such as dehydration prevention and treatment of wounds.
I aspire to achieve many things during my time in the Peace Corps. I hope that I can make a lasting impact on my community and those around me. I hope to help the people of Botswana see what a citizen of the United States is really like in a positive light. I hope to help members of my community achieve goals as a community using my technical assistance. I aspire to come face to face with people who are suffering in ways that are hard for me to imagine and, through perseverance, prevail with a better understanding of how the people of Botswana can be helped on both a national and global level.
B: In reading through my VAD and talking with volunteers in Botswana I have started to collect a better understanding of how Botswana society and culture function. It will be with this growing understanding of just how Batswana do things from which I will adapt strategies to help in ways that are needed. I bring many applicable skills to Botswana however; I know no one knows more what Botswana needs then Botswana’s own people. A useful technique they teach in the EMT curriculum that is relevant in just about any life situation is that when you arrive at a scene the first thing you do is take a deep breath and assess the situation and listen to what the patient (if conscious) has to say about his or her own condition. I believe this applies perfectly to our Peace Corps service in that perhaps the most important thing to do once placed within my community is to take a deep breath and listen to what the needs are according to the people. Once this is established only then can I begin to help. Once help has begun it is still important to always be listening to how the need change.
C: I am...

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