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Peace Shall Destroy Many Paper

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The Rudy Wiebe novel titled, “Peace Shall Destroy Many” is about a small Mennonite community and the people living within. This book brings to the surface many issues that have been occurring in the small community including the injustice and prejudice towards the aboriginal people. Most of the people in this particular Mennonite community treat them like they are in-humane; not even referring to them by their own names. They do not respect their heritage, lifestyle or the way they do things. Lastly this novel shows a great example of this Mennonite was more concerned with following their strict church rules than trying to help and evangelize to the Aboriginal peoples. ...view middle of the document...

Their parents had no concept of planned farming: they ate until there was no more. Labrets, Razins, Mackenzies and Moosomins, the last the worst. Only a few Mennonites ever neared the Moosomin homestead, and they never went inside the four-walled shack or knew the mixture of common-law wives and husbands and children that were crammed there. Breeds lived as they lived: they were part of unchangeable Canada for the Mennonites (Wiebe 28).”
Mennonites recognized that the “breeds” were people that they could not change, so instead they chose to pretend and act as if they did not exist. According to the Mennonites they lived the “wrong” way. In a way they Mennonites are not able to understand a life without planned farming, that is they life. They are blinded by their own ideas of what is “right” and consequently are not able to see past that and view the aboriginal and Metis as human beings. The aboriginal people are alike in the Mennonites in the way that they value tradition. They value the way that their ancestors hunted and lived off the land, they want to keep that tradition alive. Readers by this point in the novel have come to a full understanding of where the Mennonites stand with the Aborigionals. They are completely intolerant and ignore them. They wish that they would leave so that they would be able to take their over their land.
“The poor white stuff that clung along the edges of Beaver district, as the breeds along Wapiti, could not have made a decent living anywhere. They too would be bought out when the men returned from camps. That kind of people always sold when they got a half a price, at the sight of bare money; so quickly forgetful of the agony of scrubbing; so ever hopeful of somewhere finding a land where they would prosper like the successful neighbour they had long watching longingly; so ever clustered about by children whose goggle-eyes stared from their faces (Wiebes 30).”
This is a great example of how the Mennonites see the breeds as nothing but objects in the way from them getting more land. They know that they will just buy them out when the other men returned from camps, and they would “low-ball” the sale, because the Breeds would take anything. This quote is also sad in the way that it shows all the false hope that the Mennonites are feeding them by buying up their land. The Breeds dream of...

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