"Peace, War, And The Trojan War" In Mla Style. Discusses The Fact That War Never Brings Peace, By Using Examples From Greek Mythology.

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"Madmen, all of you who strive for the glory of combats, and believe that the lances of war will ease the burdens of mortals. Never, if blood be arbitress of peace, strife between cities of men shall find an ending." (Captive maidens in Troy. Euripides, Helen 1150). This quote portrays the conviction pertaining that war never establishes peace, but merely further war. So many instances and examples from the Iliad, as well as what we know from during and after the Trojan war, proves this belief to be indeed fact.The War against Troy began with a seemingly petty cause; a love affair between king Menelaus' wife, Argive Helen, and the handsome Trojan prince, Paris. According to Carlos Parada, in the "Genealogical Guide to Greek Mythology," "love, some believe, has no cause; and existing on his own right, he is instead the cause of many things."(Greek Mythology Link, "The Trojan War:" Causes of war.) Similarly, war, having a preeminence of its own, cannot be invented by warriors, instead, war inspires and rules them; Warriors make warfare visible to themselves, and others and are ultimately changed, created into some rough, iron-hearted version of themselves, by the effects of war. "And a cause is not needed for war in order to naturally break out; for any circumstance, relevant or insignificant, may be turned into a cause." (Greek Mythology Link, "The Trojan War:" Causes of war.)Moreover, a multitude of ideas have been formulated on how the Trojan war began. According to Carlos Parada, "Some say that Helen caused the war; for she left her husband and her daughter and abandoned her home for a foreign seducer. And since she became the center of fierce struggles which ended many lives, she was called "Lady of Sorrows", and given other titles such as: "Child of the Haunting Curse, of Envy , of Murder, of Death , of all earth-nurtured plagues....But others say that Paris caused the war; for he, abusing the laws of hospitality, carried off his host's wife, subordinating everything to seduction and the pleasures of love. (Greek Mythology Link, "The Trojan War:" Causes of war.)And so his brother reproached him: " Paris , you pretty boy, you woman seducer, why were you ever born? Why weren't you killed before your wedding day? (Hector 1 to Paris. Homer, Iliad 3.39) "Yet others could argue that Paris and Helen would never have met in love if Menelaus, sailing to Crete in order to attend The Funeral of Catreus, his grandfather, had not left them alone in his house.... It has also been suggested that if Zeus had married the Nereid Thetis, then things had been different. But Themis or [and many others] prophesied that Thetis would become the mother of a youth who, when grown to manhood, would be called greater than his father. That is why Poseidon and Zeus, who had been rivals for Thetis' hand, fearing what they heard, desisted, and Zeus bade mortal Peleus to marry her, as a safe measure against the threat posed by the Nereid. (Greek Mythology Link, "The Trojan...

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