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Peak: A Story Of How Friendship Helped Reach New Heights

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Friendships can change the outcome of a novel. Depending on who the main character sides with and who that character makes friends with can change if the character overcomes their obstacles or not. Friendship and love is when people caring and helpful to each other. Also its when both help each other without their own intentions. In Peak by Roland Smith, Peak views love and friendship as being helpful and caring, but when he is forced to go with his father, and finds out people who are his supposedly his friends are only helping him for their own special intention, he has to rely on loyalty and trust to find the people that actually care and love him.
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Finally, and most obviously he has to overcome and survive climbing Mount Everest, which is treacherous, and many people have died on it. When Peak confronts his father about the letters Peak sent to him and never got anything back, about Peak telling his mother he is climbing Mount Everest. This confrontation becomes a full out argument. Peak yells at his father saying “‘Either way you’ll get the youngest climber in the world to the summit,’” and “‘It was never about me, I said. ‘It’s always been about you’’ (Smith 177). Peak finally sees why his father never returned his letters or ever came back to see Peak. He knew that his father is only helping him so he could boost his company, not because he really wants to help Peak or cares for Peak. Peak also figures out that if he was too old to be the youngest to summit, his father would have never offered to help Peak and take him with him. Peak is starting to see who his real family and friends are. The obstacles Peak faces change who he thinks are his friends and what each of his friends do under certain circumstances or if they are the obstacles in his way slowing him down.
Peak overcomes his obstacles by helping Sun-jo get to the top of Everest, and by leaving his father to go back to his family who actually loved him. He chose friendship over fame. Peak let Sun-jo reach the top of Mount Everest to help Sun-jo’s family, and then he goes home to his family who truly loved him, cared for him, and missed him. Peak justifies why he let Sun-jo go to the top even though he was only a couple of feet from...

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