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Pearl Harbor Essay

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“A date which will live in infamy” . This is a quote said to congress by the Commander- in- Chief Franklin Roosevelt. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor Roosevelt asked congress to declare war on Japan. Pearl Harbor was a surprise to the United States, a great plan to the Japanese Empire, and a gateway to World War II. The attack on Pearl Harbor took a toll on countries all over the world. That day in 1941 has been and forever will be the most infamous act of the Japanese Empire.
On December 7, 1941 the ultimate disaster in the history of the United States occurred. “Pearl Harbor is a lagoon island on the island of Hawaii” . The deep-water Naval Base for the United States Pacific Fleet was docked and filled with United States servicemen. On that calm, Sunday morning the last thing expected was an attack. The United States had deciphered Japan’s code earlier about the surprise attack, but was too late to figure out the location. Since the attack by the Japanese was so awful, many lives were lost and the mindset of America was drastically changed. “2.335 servicemen were killed in this attack and 68 civilians” . Unprepared for this surprise attack, overhead Japanese planes and under water submarines were prepared to do major damage. Bombs were dropped on land, American planes, and ships. One was the greatly known USS Arizona, which sunk within seconds. Overall 9 ships were sunken and 21 ships were severely damaged. Under the command of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, the Japanese successfully damaged the Pearl Harbor Naval Base.
The Japanese Empire became an empire in the year 1868. They quickly spread their empire out and became rulers over 7,400,000 square kilometers of land. “They quickly became known for war crimes against their own people” . The Japanese Empire only wanted one thing, total domination over as much land as they could. If their people got in their way or tried to slow down their progress, civil war was the first option to get them back in line. Industrialization and militarization were two advances in their country that were quickly grasped. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was famous for saying “Enrich the Country, Strengthen the Army”. As the empire began to conquer other lands surrounding them, this quote was law and what they lived everyday by. Enriching their country and making a stronger army is one of the key things that made the Japanese Empire excellent. By increasing the stregnth of their army many other European countries fell to Japan after the Pearl Harbor attack. From the time when Japan attacked the United States, the United States were brought into World War II. Soon they began to ask Japan to surrender, but the Japanese would not give in. “In 1947, the Empire of Japan fell due to the United Sates dropping atomic bombs on them” . Since the Japanese would not give in, the United States decided to bomb them with an atomic bomb. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki collapsed the empire and the Japanese Empire failed to...

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