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Pearl Harbor: Faith And Reasons Essay

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Pearl Harbor: Faith and Reasons

7:55 A.M. December 7, 1941. This was the last instant of peace experienced before history was forever altered. It was while many Americans had their television sets
tuned to the Dodger-Giant football game that they first learned of the Japanese attack.
Ninety-six ships were docked at the harbor that Sunday morning, the most that had been
there since the fourth of July. But when the Japanese striking force descended upon them complete with thirty one ships and twenty eight submarines, they were no match. 4,003 military personel and American civilians were killed before 10:00 A.M.. This attack single handedly launched the second world war.

Trouble had begun to develop in the two powerful nations of Germany and Japan. Both nations began to expand their reigns of destruction through parts of the civilian world. Japan as early as the 1930's began to attack China and Shanghai. Hitler's rise to power constitiuted in the breakdown of German government and the massacre of
approximately six million Jews. He controlled and desecrated such countires as Norway,
France, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Russia, and Germany. When Japan, Italy, and
Germany formed the axis powers in September of 1946, the Americans knew they had to be stopped. Hitler, along with the Japanese, planned to attck and ultimately take over the
United States. As early as October, 1941, a German war vessel attacked an American
destroyer. The citizens knew that it was only a matter of time before action would need
to be taken against the axis powers. Meeting between the President and tyhe Cabinent to
discuss the situation between the axis powers and America were frequent in the weeks
before the attack. There were questions as to the amount of support the government
would recieve from the rest of the country if they attacked first. It was decided that to gain the full support of the American public they would have to let the Japanese attack first. This would then make the point that it was the Japanese who were the agressors. In the days prior to the bombing, the government became extremely apprehensive about an attack. But they stuck to their "let Japan strike first" policy. After the atttack, Americans bonded together like never before.

7:55 A.M. until approximately 10:00 A.M., a little over two short hours that would shape the course of a nation and ultimately the world. The planning of this attack was months in the making, a product from the mastermind Isoroku Yamamoto. Yamamoto, the commander in chief of the Japanese fleet, was a man who advocated suprise. This element helped him in January of 1941, when he satr down and, in detail, mapped out his 3 page plan on how he would attack Pearl Harbor. With the aid of Admiral Talajiro Oniushi, the air chief of the imperial navy, and Commander Minhi Genda, The air officer of the carrier Akagi, the nearly impossible plan was set into action. Aircraft...

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