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PEARL HARBOUR RE-VISITEDBy Ben DoffThe attack on Pearl Harbour occurred on December 6th 1941 in Oahu, Hawaii, and was called a "day of infamy" by President F.D. Roosevelt. This event brought the United States of America into World War 2. It all started when the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked in Oahu, Hawaii by the Japanese. During this time of year when we remember those lost at war, we need to re-visit those historical events that shaped the lives of the soldiers and changed many people's lives forever.It was in the early morning on December 7, 1941, as the sun was just beginning to rise in Oahu, Hawaii. A fleet of Japanese naval air forces were setting off from their respective aircraft carriers in various locations in the Pacific Ocean. Just as many of the islanders were waking up for breakfast, the attack began. The Japanese air fleet had arrived with revenge. No one was prepared for what was going to happen. Pearl Harbour, the United States' centre for military action in the Pacific Ocean, was almost completely destroyed. Anger toward the Japanese spread quickly throughout the entire country, and this anger led to the United States' entry into World War II.The Japanese attack was devised and orchestrated by Admiral Isorohu Yamamoto. At first he was critical of war with the United States, however, if conflict was going to be unavoidable then he decided that a silent attack was going to be the most effective way to wound the Americans. Yamamoto intended to temporarily cripple America while he quickly conquered South East Asia and collected their resources along the way. He had hoped the attack would demoralise the American forces and ultimately Roosevelt would sign a peace treaty with Japan.In November the Japanese army set out on their hundred-mile journey to Pearl Harbour, while maintaining complete radio silence. The first attack was on the 6th of December at six o'clock in the morning and it consisted of 183 bombers and torpedo bombers. The first wave of planes was said to have done the most damage. The second wave of planes came in at 08.54 and consisted of 170 planes.The attack lasted two hours and only 29 Japanese planes were brought down. On the 7th of December, American president Roosevelt stated that "Today is a day of sadness and loss, but not a day of defeat. The American nation will survive. The American nation will continue with their lives and the American nation will retaliate to this outburst of war".Japan and America before Pearl Harbour:The attack was one of the cleverest and most cunning attacks of the 20th century. Why did they choose America? Why not Germany, the instigators of WW2? Many people thought the attack was unnecessary and dishonourable. However, relations between America and Japan in the early 1930's were fairly tense.For many years America had been suppling oil to Japan, one of Japan's most valued materials. In the mid 1930's, Japan was lacking raw materials, especially oil....

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