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Pediatric Chiropractic Essay

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Pediatric Chiropractic
More and more parents in recent years are beginning to look to chiropractors to complement the health care of their young ones. Chiropractic care involves the diagnosis of spinal misalignments and their correction through spinal adjustments.
Misalignments of spine also called subluxations can occur during childbirth, from tumbles or falls or from any other normal activity. These misalignments if left untreated can cause irritation of the nerves, eventually disrupting the ability of the body to function properly. Chiropractic care revolves around the idea of restoring the normal functioning of the nervous system so that the body may heal itself without the use of surgery or drugs.
Misalignments in children may not just be causing aches and pains, but they may be responsible for other common ailments. It goes without saying that the nervous system controls everything in our body, including the digestive system, immune system and other systems of the body. Subluxations or misalignments in children may cause digestive problems, colic, bed wetting, ADHD, ear infections and frequent colds.
1. Bed wetting or Nocturnal Enuresis in Children

Night time bed wetting or nocturnal enuresis is a condition in which involuntary discharge of urine that takes place during sleep. The condition is common among children and it has been estimated that about 2 to 3 million children in United States suffer from it.
Primary nocturnal enuresis is the involuntary discharge of urine by children who are considered old enough to be expected to have bladder control typically at the age of five. Secondary enuresis is a condition that occurs when a child who has exhibited proper bladder control (for at least a period of six months) begins to wet the bed again.
While the cause of nocturnal enuresis is still unknown, some suggest that genetic abnormalities, pathologic causes and other congenital issues are responsible for this condition whereas others suggest that the condition is caused due to issues in spine. Nevertheless, in order to understand the root cause of the problem, it is important to gain an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the bladder.
How the Bladder Works?
The bladder is a sac like structure that is lined with a detrusor muscles. The flexibility of this muscle allows for the container to stretch when it is being filled and the contraction on this muscle serves to empty the bladder.
The bladder empties into a tube like structure called the urethra. Two sphincter muscles in the urethra keep the bladder from emptying continuously-the intrinsic sphincter located where the bladder connects with the urethra, and the extrinsic sphincter located at the other end of the urethra.
The function of the bladder is a brilliant example of nerve muscle coordination. As the bladder fills, stretch receptors send nerve signals to the brain, signaling that it is time to empty the bladder. The brain interprets these signals and sends the...

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