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Pediatric Oncology Support Group For Parents And Families

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IX Composition and Structure
A. Criteria for member inclusion/exclusion:
Correct and detailed composition of the group is necessary for performing the pediatric oncology for the recruited members, and there lies two classes: heterogeneity and homogeneity. The model of homogeneity is the one where members having the similar purpose for being in the group, and have some personal characteristics in common, which helps in communication and bonding that helps members to identify and relate to each other’s concerns. My inclusion requirements for how people fit within the criteria and those who don’t depends on if the families have a child diagnosed with cancer and/or who are currently within the hospital. For the exclusion, it would mostly likely happen if someone just wanted to learn more about cancer, but didn’t have any children, and especially none diagnosed with cancer. This kind of group is very vulnerable and has a very personal and emotional background attached to it. Therefore, this certain type of support group is defiantly not a spectator sport.
B. Group size:
For the number of members in the group, I would allow a number of 15 group members, involving parents, family members, and friends. This is a closed group, with an intake required. I chose fifteen members because I want to make sure the group is large enough to permit members to have a satisfying experience and to accomplish the necessary tasks efficiently and effectively. In addition, I want to make sure that the group is small enough to provide the members with a greater level of individualized attention and more opportunities for achieving cohesiveness. If I want to commit to this certain number of people in my group, I have to make sure this is the correct group for everyone wanting to join. During the intake, potential group members are asked to describe several problems that they would like to work on while attending the group. I should also be positive that all the individual needs can be met within this group, if not, I would have to refer them to other services that would meet their specific needs. In this case, the parents would need to call for prior screening and information about the start date of the group or putting their names on a list for future groups. Every member must agree to meet for the set time and making their commitment on attending each meeting because another’s experience may actually help someone else in the group. That type of interaction is valuable and encouraging, as well as rewarding. The level of disclosure within the group is expected to be high, which requires a high degree of confidentiality. It would be better to have the group closed to be able to provide the best comforting atmosphere for the parents and family members. This would also make the planning for the group sessions easier.
C. Time factors:
Based on my decision of having a closed group, I can offer the support and educational group for eight sessions every Monday for 1 ½...

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