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Pediatric Reports Of Child Abuse

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Most reported abuse happen in kids younger than three years old. Sometimes, if what the parent tells the technologist what happened does not correlate with the pathology seen, then a strong case of child abuse can be made.
Child abuse is classified into six major types, such as: Neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological maltreatment, medical neglect and other abuse. Radiology can assist confirmation of child abuse in all categories but radiography has a strong role in physical abuse (Bontrager, 2014).
The radiographic indications for child abuse are mainly: classic metaphyseal lesions, rib fractures, and healing fractures (Bontrager, 2014).
Classic metaphyseal lesion (CML) is a ...view middle of the document...

Of these, age and sex are the most important factors affecting the patterns of injury. Male children younger than eighteen years have higher injury and mortality rates, mostly in part because of their more aggressive behavior and exposure to contact sports. In the infant and toddler age group, falls are a common cause of severe injury, whereas bicycle-related mishaps, with or without the interaction of motor vehicles, are the main culprits for injury of older children and adolescents. Tragically, the home environment is the next most common scene of pediatric injury. Approximately thirty-five percent of significant injuries occur as the result of accidents in the very environment that should be the most sheltering and nurturing to children (Alterman, 2013).
Technical considerations while imaging the pediatric patient for subtle pathologies are their age, what x-rays may need to be taken as indication of their injury, protection, and exposure factors.
Age is a major consideration while imaging a pediatric patient because it tells the technologist what they can and cannot understand, and also how they will cooperate with the procedure. By the age of two or three years, most children can be successfully talked through a radiographic study without immobilization or parental aid.
The x-rays that need to be taken because of their injury are important to consider also because of how the child will be positioned. Will they need to be strapped down or immobilized to get an accurate radiograph? If so, how will they go about this to make the patient as comfortable as possible?
The protection a pediatric patient will need is a major factor to consider because of the harm it could do to a child if the right protection is not used. Grids do not need to be used if the anatomy being radiographed is less than ten centimeters thick. Technologists should always collimate to the field size of the part of...

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