Peer Cruelty Essay

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Every day, there are people all over the world being victimized by their peers. This phenomenon is romanticized, increases bullying occurrences. Ignorance towards the lives of others also causes an increase to this terrible event. Peer cruelty is a vicious cycle, that is sped up quite a lot by cellular devices and social networking. The actions of adults can add on to the matter, and make it worse, even when they try to help. This cycle of peer cruelty may never be completely stopped, but we can do many things to minimize it. How do you believe the problem should be tackled?
The phenomenon of romanticizing bullying leads to peer cruelty. Students see bullying in many forms which makes them believe it is okay. These immoral actions become normal occurrences, and are often overlooked. People often feel no need to make amends when things such as any sort of bullying occur. It is thought that they have every right to do whatever they please to others.
Ignorance towards what is going on in the lives of others can cause indirect peer cruelty. For example, not knowing that someone has a parent that has passed, and making a joke about said parent. Some may think that this is not cruelty, but it affects the other person. It can cause detriment to ones self esteem and mental health. In the poem “To This Day” it states, “He was a broken branch grafted onto a different family tree, adopted, not because his parents opted for a different destiny,” and after telling more about the child in question it continues with, “He tried to kill himself in grade 10 when a kid who could still go home to Mom and Dad had the audacity to tell him, ‘Get over it’,” (Koyczan). This shows that the child who told the suicidal individual to “Get over it,” may not have known what was going on in his life, though he may have. Sometimes ignorance is not just being unaware, it is being aware and still being unconcerned. Either way, this suicidal individual was made to be so by his peers, and possibly even influential adults.
Peer cruelty is a vicious cycle. Those who have been hurt one time too many hurt others, causing them to hurt more, and so on and so forth.
Cellular devices and social networking sites amplify the effects of peer cruelty. With technology advances it is like the world can be at your fingertips. This can be used to your advantage, but it can also be your downfall. It can connect you with good friends, but also give your worst enemies access to your life. There are many people that take the freedom of the internet too far. They use it to spread rumors about others, and even directly torment...

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