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The beginning of high school is usually when most teenagers are trying to find their identity and are trying to find a group to fit into. Not only find a group to fit into but also things such as sports, clubs, and hobbies. In high school most teenagers will do anything to fit in with the cool kids and sometimes the group you hang out with can influence you in bad ways. Everyone wants to be popular and nobody wants to feel rejected so most teenagers will change their behavior according to the friends they hang out with. There are two types of peer groups around ones that will encourage you to try new things and to go out and have great, safe fun, and then there’s the peer pressure you see in most high schools, and that is when your peers pressure you to do harmful, and inappropriate activities. The major things that most teenagers are peer pressured into and are by far the most harmful are drugs, alcohol, and sexual intercourse.
As generations go on drugs have become more accessible and more harmful to the body. Due to the easy access more teenagers are being introduced to it at younger ages. According to teen heath “Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in the United States” (teen health). Marijuana is one of the top drugs followed by prescriptions pills that are used in high schools today. “In 2012, 15 percent of high school seniors used prescription drugs. However, 35 percent feel regular use is risky” (do something). Peer pressure is a main cause to why more and more teenagers are trying new drugs. Most people don’t know how to say no and it is especially hard to say no to your “friends”. When becoming friends with a new group of peers you want them to accept you so you will do anything to fit in. “In 2010, 34% of students had ever used drugs and only 27% had done so within the past year. Teens who had ever used drugs peaked at 43% in 1997” (Barker). So although it’s not as high as 1997 there is still a good amount of people that are doing drugs because it’s so easy to get and hard to say no. Just like drugs though alcohol is another harmful substance that teenagers are easily peer pressured into.
When it comes to consuming alcohol “While 71% of teens have tried alcohol by the end of high school, far fewer drink to get drunk” (Barker). In high school alcohol is usually at most parties and gatherings and is also very easy to get. From stealing from adults to actually having adults supply it, it will...

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