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Peer Review Workshop

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Religion and Believe are expressed in “Homo Religious” by Karen Armstrong and in “Wisdom” by Robert Thurman. In these stories both authors have unique thoughts and beliefs in their own religion. As Armstrong religion is based on the Paleolithic era and Thurman is based on Buddhism. Both religions have a strong meaning to each author. These stories have many similarities as well as differences. One similarity is that they both do not believe in god. As one religion believes in a higher level of power and the other is a state of mind. A difference is that these religions are not based on the same thing, one is related to art and the other one is related to a peaceful state of mind. Both authors have a strong belief in their own religion which is expressed thru their writing.

“Home Religious” by Karen Armstrong is based on the religion of the Paleolithic era. Armstrong view of this religion is expressed thru art. Armstrong (2012, 2009) states “Religion is hard work. Its insights are not self-evident and have to be cultivated in the same way as an appreciation of art, music, or poetry must be developed” (p.26). Armstrong is trying to say that religion takes a lot to dedication and should be appreciated as much as music and art. Armstrong relates religion to art and how beautiful it is, “Like art, the truths of religion require the disciplined cultivation of a different mode of consciousness” (Armstrong, 2012, 2009, p. 27). Armstrong believes that religion needs to be cultivated and people need to be conscious of what it means and what the beliefs are. Religion is not something pounded into someone brain or an option imposed by priests (Armstrong, 2012, 2009).

“Wisdom” by Robert Thurman is based on the religion Buddhism. Thurman (2012, 2009) states “The Buddha based his psychology on his discovery of actual and ultimate reality. This he called “selflessness” and “voidness,” of “emptiness.” (p.460). The author is trying to say that Buddhism is express thru ultimate reality, which means a different state of mind. A state of mind that nothing is true and you fell at peace. “That self is only a pretend self, it lacks reality, it doesn’t really exist” (Thurman, 2012, 2009, p.460). Thurman is trying to say that there is a purpose of realizing selflessness which allows you see what doesn’t exist. “Our state of mind is so powerful that it can create a state of absolute nothingness that seems totally concrete” (Thurman, 2012, 2009, p .461). The mind is a powerful thing, which can be used to create and imagine thing that you cannot see during reality. “One of the...

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