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Pefines Patriotism On A Philosphical Level.

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When Americans think patriotism we see stars and stripes and the national anthem plays in the back of our minds. We realize events such as Labor Day, 4th of July president's day etc. Issues of respect towards national symbols, and the patriotism displayed only at war time have drawn much attention to the question, what is Patriotism? Passionate respect, support, and concern for your countries citizens are what patriotism is all about.To intentionally disrespect any symbol that represents nationalism can be labeled as unpatriotic. An issue that has been present America's society is respect for the flag. Included in this topic is the exhibit of the flag on articles of clothing. T-shirts, bandanas and even bathing suits and under wear are made in resemblance of the stars and stripes. Americans who display the flag on their bodies have no intent of being disrespectful. The fact that articles of clothing may come upon feces or other bodily fluids is deemed disrespectful and degrading. Americans are proud people and are enthusiastic when displaying our colors. The purpose of American flag fashion is to express our patriotism. When contemplating the issue of respect associated with patriotism one should consider the intent and actual purpose behind the action.Whether wrong or right, Patriotism is supporting your country in the situations it is involved in and the leaders of your nation's decisions. Support for ones country is extremely relevant when defining patriotism. The war in Iraq has caused a division in the people of America. To live in America and not support the war is unpatriotic. The president is elected by the public to represent the citizens of this country and is trusted to make the decisions for the people. Patriotism is supporting his actions and decisions. No one is a prisoner in America and if you...

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