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Pegasus Company has been in the industry for a long time now and has built a name and image for itself in the aerospace research and development. It is clear based on the current events in the company, that there is a high need for a restructuring within the organization to help ensure an effective and efficient competitive environment (Schein, 2004). The company in the current situation requires some serious measures and needs to be seriously considered for the well – being of the business.

Problems: The current employees in the company need to be provided with training and strict levels of assessments. The employees have shown a very low level of communication within the groups. There is also a lack of uniformity and consistency among the employees and the subculture jargons and ways of work are included which has lead to the processes becoming slower and lengthier.

The plans have been noted to contain a number of mistakes and a lot of issues due to the miscommunication and lack of a standardized method of performing the tasks. The lack of common communication among the members of the team as well as the inter office teams leads to a number of mistakes in the plans which in turn leads to considerable amounts of rework to be done which has a direct impact on time and costs involved. There is also a lack of knowledge of CAD and the designers have been noted to face a number of issues to comprehend the needs and specifications of the scientists and engineers.

There is also a lack within the administrative departments and the skills within the department are also limited. One of the most essential aspects that is lacking within the teams is the communication skills and the ability to have strong and effective leadership in the projects. The above mentioned problems are quite acute and the lacking skills are slowly becoming a major issue for all within the company. So much so that employees even fear that the uncoordinated behavior within the company could also cause Pegasus to get disintegrated.

The employees show levels of frustration because the projects are getting prolonged and not being completed in time. The current market situation is also one where the company needs to be fast, flexible, and also highly responsive to the needs of the customers as well as the demand levels within the markets. The employees also find it quite disturbing that they are unable to meet the needs of the customers, mainly due to the lack of communication. This lacking skill has led to the employees to be frustrated to a great extent and has also led to higher turnover of the employees. This has also been a reason for the head hunters to take away a few of the best employees in the company as well. This is leading the Pegasus to lose out on some of the most efficient employees. Pegasus needs to take a great interest in this and improve the current situation. The entire department heads need to coordinate and cooperate with the Human resources team...

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