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Edson Arantes do Nascimento or better known as Pele was prodominitally named the best soccer player in the world and is still arguebly the best in history. The style of playing by Pele had changed the game forever. And due to such great success in his country, Brazil had become the most feared International team to date. But not only did Pele just change the game of soccer he also changed the hearts and minds of the less priviliged people around the world, by giving them hope to keep going and pushing onwards toward their dreams.
On October 23, 1940 in the small town of Tres Coracoes in Southern Brazil a gifted child by the name of Edson Arantes do Nascimento was born. And just two years after him his younger brother Zora was born and they did everything together all the time, esspecially playing soccer. At a very young age Edson was introduced to a game called soccer which in his country is the most popular sport that was played. His father Dondinho who was also a great soccer player taught the game to Edson and just about everything to know. But due to the unfortuniate money problems his family had they were not able to afford a soccer ball to play with. So to fix the problem Edson’s father took an old sock and stuffed it with rags so the kids could play with that and use it as their soccer ball.
An some short years later he was giving a name Pele by all the neighborhood kids. Edson had no idea what it ment and either did any of the kids it was just a nickname that was givin to him because his soccer skills were much better than anyone else of his age. But little did he know the name Pele would stay with him throughout his whole life an become the most popular name during his life time. But due to his love for the game Pele would play soccer every minute he could, and sometimes that ment he would skip out on school just to play in the streets to improve his skills. When Pele was in fourth grade his principle at the school started to get courious on why he was missing so much school. And one of the days Pele skipped out the principle found him out in a field playing soccer so he kicked Edson out of school.
So now Pele was forced to go out and look for a job so he could afford an actual soccer ball to play with. He would go and stand outside movie theators and stores just to ask all the people who walked by if he could shine their shoes for a small price. But also he was a cobbler for a small market down the road from his house which he worked at everday and only made three to four cents each day. But one his jobs he had and regreted having was selling tabacco. He hated doing this because at the time when he was selling it he had no idea what it did to people and how bad it affected those who became addicted. And the day that someone on the street told him what it did he swore not to ever sell it or even have anything to do with it again.
Pele was soon begining to stick out of the rest of his group when they...

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