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Penetration Testing After A New Security System Is Implemented

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Any time a new security system is implemented it needs to be tested thoroughly. Part of the tests that are performed to ensure that the new or prosed system meets the goals set forth by the organization, is penetration testing. Penetration testing involves security professionals simulating “attacks by a malicious external source” (Whitman & Mattord, 2012, p. 551). These tests allow the security professionals to determine points of failure that may not have been identified in vulnerability testing, as well as the criticality of the items defined in the vulnerability tests. These tests can be performed in one of two ways, either with or without knowledge of the organizations information technology infrastructure. These two tests are known as white-box (with knowledge) or black-box (without) tests (Whitman & Mattord, 2012). Penetration testing can also refer to the probing and breaching of physical security in a test situation. There has been quite a bit of literature written on the subject of penetration testing, discussing primarily methods for performing these tests. Some literature deals with new methods of testing that yield the largest amount of data regarding security flaws, while other papers discuss how to perform penetration testing with the least impact on the organization as a whole.
In their 2010 paper for the Annual Computer Security Application Conference, Dimkov and associates discussed how to perform physical penetration using social engineering. Dimkov and associates recognized that certain social engineering situations used in physical penetration testing of an organization can lead to issues within the organization that could lead to lost time or resources. In order to avoid this, Dimkov and associates came up with two methodologies using social engineering to perform these physical penetration tests. The first proposed method is known as the “Environment-Focused Method” (Dimkov, van Cleeff, Pieters, & Hartel, 2010). In this method the custodian of the asset to be procured by the penetration tester is completely aware of the penetration test. However, standard employees are unaware of the test and become a functional part of the test. In this method the custodian will monitor the asset in such a way as to respect the privacy of all employees in the environment being tested, as well as providing a target asset that will not disrupt organizational function. The penetration tester will provide an attack scenario to the security officer and the asset custodian for approval before commencing the attack. During the attack the tester and target asset are monitored closely by these individuals (Dimkov, van Cleeff, Pieters, & Hartel, 2010).
Dimkov and associates’ second methodology, called the “Custodian-Focused Method” (Dimkov, van Cleeff, Pieters, & Hartel, 2010) expands upon the previous method by leaving the custodian out of the loop. In this method the asset custodian and surrounding employees are completely unaware of the...

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