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Penis Essay

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Scholarship does not require a submission packet. The following essay was submitted to: Chris L. Campbell 29 Jubilee Circle Prescott, WA 99348 509-749-2103
My name is Chris Lee Campbell and I am from San Francisco, California. I was raised by a single mom and
my aunt and uncle. My family is very loving and caring towards me and would do anything for me by any
means necessary to accomplish my dreams and hopes. At a young age, my mom and I struggled barely
getting by with bills and more important things "so any helping hand was a blessing".
I am planning on attending the College ...view middle of the document...

The prison system should not be used as a "rehab' unit and, in fact, could
result in making a person into a true criminal. Most often, prison is a breeding ground for new and
maybe even super-criminals, truly a school of hard knocks.
When another person is injured or killed by the actions of a person under the influence, then the ante is
automatically upped. This now becomes not just a DUI but an all-out criminal assault against a fellow
human. Prison should now be considered as an option. We all make mistakes, but the degree of those
mistakes must always be considered when deciding the punishment. When getting behind the wheel,
we all take a chance that we may not arrive at our destination without getting injured or injuring
someone else. Auto accidents are the leading cause of trauma related accidents. This is true for
persons who are NOT debilitated, let alone a person who has been drinking or worse. So if a conscious
choice is made to drink and drive, it should be known to all that the punishment for causing an accident
that severely injures another could indeed be imprisonment. Perhaps if our laws were less lenient and
tolerant for the perpetrator, then there would be less victims. The severity of the punishment should
equal the severity of the injury.
In closing, I would like to thank you for giving me the time to apply for this scholarship and hope that I
will be considered.
Chris L. Campbell

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