Retirement Community Analysis: Roland Park Place

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Roland Park Place (RPP) is a full-service continuing care retirement community that offers independent living, residential care, and skilled nursing care. This is the place where over three hundred employees spend the majority of their days, most of which are located in the food service department. This is the department where the waiters, waitresses, cooks, hosts, etc. can be found. They are said to be at the lowest level of employment at Roland Park Place. On the other hand these are the employees who do not care what level of employment they are on, they are simply working to get by.The members of this specific community share many of the same interests, needs, values, and activities. The most common need is money. Every single staff member is working to the best of their ability to pay some type of bill, whether it may be a minute cell phone bill or a massive car payment. These people also go to school everyday, some to high school, some to college, and some even to a trade school. The workers all see their job at Roland Park Place as a stepping stone to much better things in life, even if it may not do so directly. Even so, they take their job very seriously and provide the residents with the best care and service that is humanly possible. The workers need for money is what holds the community together. If they did not need money to get by then there would not be a food service community. The fact that money is a necessity is the reason that these people actually go to work daily. Sure they are tired after being in school for eight hours, yet they still find a way to make it to work with a bright smile on their face. One waitress said, ?If you have to work, you might as well make it fun?, and that is exactly...

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