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Pension Day Notes (In Relation To Conflict)

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PENSION DAY by Archie Weller-Although internal conflict is within the individual, it is brought on by social and cultural pressures-Conflict is strengthened by cultural differences, ideological differences and different beliefs-The lack of understanding between groups or individuals is the main cause of conflict-This often leads to physical conflict eg. acts of violence or aggression; which can lead to detrimental consequences-Pension Day explores the devastating impact of racial and internal conflict on the certain individual-The bigger picture: The impact of European invasion of Australian, which result in conflict, and in effect results in loss of lives and loss of cultureTypes of conflict:Racial conflict: The mistreatment of the Aborigines by white people-Cause: Different cultures and beliefs à dispute in ideas, laws, values and customs (racism)-Technique: Word choice - Referred to as the "Old Wongi"-G'day, ya silly ole black bastard"-The invasion of white, European settlers-Effect: Leads to the Aboriginal people feeling contempt in return to the white people-White people = protagonists (cause/create the conflict amongst the tranquillity of Aboriginal community)-White men created the conflict as the Indigenous people were purely living out their lives harmlessly, not causing anyone any problems - "Taking him by surprise as he sat, singing softly... dogs barked, the children screamed, his young girl-woman already full with a child-spirit cried.."-Technique: Juxtaposition of images - chaos is created (tranquil life of the indigenous juxtaposed with the chaotic invasion of the white settlers)-The white people saw their actions as a victory over the Indigenous people - "The sergeant clipped on the handcuff's triumphantly" while their actions in turn resulted in the turmoil and suffering of the Aboriginal people - "A tear slid out of his frightened, puzzled eyes"-Technique: Word choice eg. triumphantly-Technique: "The cruising police van that, like a gardener, is searching for a few weeds to pull up by the roots and throw in the bin" à shows that the white policemen are the protagonists; and the weed symbolises the Aboriginal man-They took them away from their traditional land - "The white men had torn him away from his red land's breast"-They imposed white lifestyle and customs on native Aborigines-As a result of this action, he was forced to neglect his culture and lifestyle and adopt the customs and beliefs of the white people, as White law overruled Indigenous law, and the only way he could live a peaceful life was to become one of them - "There was no room for yesterdays people"-Technique: Short, abrupt sentences to create a greater impact on the responder à very powerful-"At last he was one of them.. his belly was full of white man respect."-Technique: Metaphor's-By imprisoning the Aboriginal man and removing his from his tribe, the white people effectively took away his home, his freedom, his family, and his...

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