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Benefits of People and Cultures DayCulture is what we think about it as the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. Specifically, it is all about "patterns of thought, beliefs, behavior, customs, traditions, rituals, dress, and language, as well as art, music, and literature" (Webster's New World Encyclopedia, 1992). However, nowadays, along with the strong development of technology and equipment, people seem to forget and ignore the cultures from which they come. In fact, there are many activities that are being held in order to remind people about their cultures, show them how important and interesting people and other cultures are. At Sierra College, we have People and Cultures day that is celebrated every year. This is also the specialty of our campus that other campuses may not have. This day is very meaningful for students who are curious in other cultures will be able to see and learn. People and Cultures day also attracts people who never care about other people and cultures, so that they can see how interesting it is and the value it has. Especially with International students, this day gives them a chance to introduce more about their countries and their cultures. Also, it makes them less homesick when they study in the U.S, which is far from their countries, but they are not able to visit their countries for a long time.With a Cultures day that is held on campus, students are more able to know about any cultures they like without spending too much money and time on traveling for a long distance to each country. The culture of each country may not be showed completely at the Cultures day; however, in some case, it helps students figure out how these cultures look like, how they are different from others. At the People and Cultures day, students from every country can hang on their flags, give others some newspapers or magazines about their countries or even sell food and souvenirs which are distinctive of their countries. These things seem to be simple but they bring some information that can satisfy the students who are interested in other people and cultures. When others see your country's flag, they may question why your country chose those things to put on the flag or what information your flag brings up, and from the food they try, they may be curious to know how the food is made, and from the magazines you give them, they may be able to know more about your country and culture. The information is also what they get from asking you some questions they wonder about your people and your cultures. Thus, people will know more about other people and cultures around the world, and they will be able to process their social knowledge.Another benefit of People and Cultures day is taking attention from people who are not in touch with the diversity of people and cultures, which have been available in the U.S since a long time ago. As can be seen, the U.S is commonly considered as a nation with...

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