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Humans And Machine Relationship Essay

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Since people have started to work very often and tried to do the best that they can, they have become really mechanical and they have started to behave like machines. It can be also said that people have become a part of a machine which can be defined as whole world. It is not just the working that makes us like machines, also producing, consuming make us like machines and make us behave mechanical. Everything starts to become mechanical and the whole world is just routine, now. Throughout the course, we studied many things and I would like to talk about them about human and machine relationship according to these essays and books.
First of all, there is of course, Descartes. He believes that human body is working like a machine because it obeys the rules of physics. He believes that the human body is like clockwork mechanisms and also he believes that if it is wanted to understand the human body and machine relationship people should take the human body as pieces and study on them. To explain his thoughts, it can be said that, people are like machines even inside of them. Our nature or more correctly our internal system work as a perfect machine. Everything has a place to go, a time that required for its duty or when something is wrong in this system everything falls apart just like a machine. Because, when something wrong in a machine, it would be a disaster and till it is be corrected it couldn’t work properly. Our bodies are just like this and because of this we can say that people are like machines inside, and from their natures.
Of course, he says these things by ignoring the fact of immaterial soul. Because when we put “the soul” in this argument we cannot say human beings are like machines since it has nothing to do with being mechanical. In short, besides from having immaterial soul, the bodies of people are nothing but machines which are made by he hands of God.
He said "I should like you to consider that these functions (including passion, memory, and imagination) follow from the mere arrangement of the machine’s organs every bit as naturally as the movements of a clock or other automaton follow from the arrangement of its counter-weights and wheels." not in Discourse on Method but in Treatise on Man. This proves that his thoughts on he relationship between humans and the behaviours of them as machines. He considers people as wheels of machines and because of that he says people become alienated from human nature. This leads us Karl Marx.
Secondly, we can talk about Karl Marx. His theory of alienation is entirely about this. We can say that he talks about two things. One of them is social alienation from human nature and the other one is alienation of people from themselves. Second one is occured because of capitalism according to him and he believes that it is a systematic result of capitalism. The capitalist system makes people mechanical and machines-like. He believes that because of capitalism people have to work like machines...

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