People And Performance Essay

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~AppaccOrganizational BehaviourLEADERSHIP PGDM 2013Involves willing collaboration between leaders and followersLeadership Pipeline - Six leadership passagesFrom managing self to managing othersFrom managing others to managing managersFrom managing managers to functional managerFrom functional manager to business managerFrom business manager to group managerFrom group manager to enterprise managerLeadership creates vision and strategies while management creates plans and budgetsLow leadership + low management - transformation efforts go nowhereLow leadership + High management - Short term results are possible through cost cutting. Long term results rareHigh leadership + Low management - Transformation results are short termHigh leadership + High management - successful transformationWhy Leadership and not management ? Slide 6Assumptions about people - Common View and Alternative ViewManager vs Leader characteristics Slide 8Leadership is the interaction between leader, follower and specific situationWhat do leaders do? Slide 10Boss centred and Employee centred leadershipExamples of bosses who did not lead Slide 14Good leaders - Slide 15 and 16Inclusionary leadership - Slide 17Approaches to Leadership styleTrait theoryBehavioural approachDecision making styleSituational StylePortrays effectively the complexity of choosing an effective leadership styleHersey and Blanchard 4 different leadership stylesTellingSellingParticipatingDelegatingHow do you know which styles to useDirective behaviour and supportive behavior - Slides 30 to 32Four development levels - Slide 34Matching leadership style to situation - Graph diagramTransactional - Leaders characteristics and behavior and company environment influence followers action and beliefsTransformational - leader and follower raise one another to a higher level of motivation and moralityChange oriented leadership - Slide 41Individualized consideration - Slide 42, 43Idealized influence - Slide 48, 49Intellectual Simulation - Slide 44, 45Inspirational motivation - Slide 46, 47Traits of an effective leaderIntelligenceSocial maturity and depthInner motivation - AchievementHuman relationsBasic styles of leadership - Diagram in Slide 21 and 22Fiedler's Contingency model of leadershipSituational leadership - underlying themesFull range leadership model - Diagram in Slide 52KornFerry, EQ Map, HJS CompetenciesCHAPTER 12 LeadershipWhat is leadership ( ability to influence a group towards he achievement of goals) and management (use of authority inherent in designated formal rank to obtain compliance from organizational members)?Trait Theories of leadership - consider personality, social, physical or intellectual traits to differentiate leaders from non leaders . Slide 3Behavioral theory - specific behavior differentiate leaders from non leadersBehavioral studies - Ohio and MichiganContingency theory - the environment is importantFiedler model - effective group performance depends on the proper match between leadership...

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2506 words - 10 pages - number of complaints in quality received from customersProductivity - output per employeeHealth and safety - accident rates, injuries reportsEmployee relations - incidence of disputes and grievancesEmployment - absenteeismQ3)What steps need to be taken to gain and maintain individual and group commitment to performance outcomes?Setting goalsBy setting goals on a routine basis people know what they want to achieve, and then move step-by-step towards

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2924 words - 12 pages 1.IntroductionThe precision, with which people are managed, developed, motivated and involved truly impacts business performance maybe even more that competitive strategy, quality, research and development. The assignment makes a sincere effort on attempting to analyze the link between the two and present evidence to support the for and the against of this proposal. It is imperative for an understanding of people management as a source of

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551 words - 2 pages days at Sears, or has been transferred to a new position.In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the performance appraisal process and determine the satisfaction with the process, a survey was conducted. I interviewed three people at my workplace. I asked them specific questions such as:1. I received a timely performance appraisal.2. I received a fair performance appraisal.3. My performance appraisal results were what I anticipated.4. My

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2285 words - 9 pages . The objective of the process is to develop a system that provides the necessary tools for empowering the organization to achieve successful performance management consistently. Stress causes people to react differently in the workplace. The presence of stress causes employees to respond both positively and negatively. The major difference occurs with how the employee responds to stress. For example, Hunter & Thatcher (2007) suggest

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2593 words - 10 pages appraisal. Obtain performance feedback from people with whom the employee has worked (including direct reportees, if appropriate). This is important information to have when evaluating customer service and teamwork aspects of the employee's job. Where customer service is a key part of the job, feedback from customers may also be solicited. Locate and have ready any supporting information.2. If during the review cycle, the employee reported to

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2363 words - 9 pages At its most fundamental core, quality improvement of healthcare services and resources requires disciplined attention to the measurement, monitoring, and reporting of system performance (Drake, Harris, Watson, & Pohlner, 2011; Jones, 2010; Kennedy, Caselli, & Berry, 2011). Research points to performance measurement as a significant factor in enabling strategic planning processes and achievement of performance goals (Tapinos

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914 words - 4 pages get to snack bar, the social context seemed to lack social involvement. The context of a performance is particularly helpful in the study of music ( Herndon&Mcleod 1981:25). The crowd’s lack of interest in the performance concludes that the people do not respect the band and what they are out there doing. The majority of the crowd rushes to get out of their seat to get something to eat or mingle. The point of the halftime show is to entertain the

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1316 words - 5 pages stability and is paid for basic aptitude and general job profile. Equally powerful and becoming more important is variable compensation which includes production incentives and gains sharing. This intends to take care of exceptional performances and also to motivate people to perform at their peak. Reward based performance management strategy must consider both these components though more emphasis is accorded to variable compensation. Variable

Perfoemance Reviews/Decision Making: Describe at least 4-6 problems that occur when managers complete performance reviews.

1341 words - 5 pages people receiving and giving appraisals find them to be very stressful. This is because the evaluation process always creates additional work for managers, and employees (Wolfe, 2004). Managers have a tendency of procrastinating when it comes to getting ready for performance reviews because they can be a lot of extra work. Managers have a tendency to rush through the reviews to get them over with. This is not fair to the employees, and it can lead

An Evaluation of Workers’ and Students’ Performance: Effects of Conscientiousness and Agreeableness on Performance Appraisals

2049 words - 8 pages Throughout life, people inevitably are evaluated based on their different positions, duties, and situations. As a student studying at school, school performance directly affects the level of academic achievement, while job performance strongly influences the livelihood and financial income of a hired employee. Every person in society is closely subjected to performance appraisal, which is the measurement of performance among individuals. In


2144 words - 9 pages through this theory to indicate correlation between those traits, influence on job performance and how personality factors translate into individual’s professional career. According to some theories (which will be mention subsequently) job performance is affected not only by personality but by other external factors as well. The individual trait may translate into employee performance, each of them have subsets which affect people in professional

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1206 words - 5 pages recruits and inducts 43,000 people in all the twenty five countries. The department provides system integration, setups and related services for various kinds of alarms, control panels, and digital recording surveillance cameras. In addition to this, the department offers monitoring and response to various security services and manufactures fire related equipments and products (Chubb). Human resource managers in UTC are charged with the

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1404 words - 6 pages . Michael (1995) argues that, performance management consists of five major components. These components include: motivation of employees, effective performance appraisal, well structured promotion guidelines, extensive guidance and counseling, and effective poor performance address. According to The Association of Business Executives (n.d), strategic approach is the most effective way of developing people in order to achieve the desired

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