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Human Beings Can Only Live In Peace If They Live In A State

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"HUMAN BEINGS CAN ONLY LIVE IN PEACE IF THEY LIVE IN A STATE."People who share a common territory try to shape self-sufficient political organizations in order to regulate their lives and serve their necessities in an organized way. In this essay, I will try to illustrate why I believe modern societies need such political organizations to live in peace. In other words, firstly I will focus on the concept of peace and how peace means to me. Secondly I will focus on the state of nature where state doesn't exist in order to indicate the circumstances under living in the state of nature. Then I will focus on the concept of state and try to make a comparison between them in order to illustrate why human beings cannot live in peace if they live in state of nature but live in peace if they live in a state.The first point that I want to focus on is the concept of peace. I will try to illustrate what peace means to me in order to make it easy to consider how peaceful is the life in the state of nature where state doesn't exist and how peaceful it is in a state. While peace can be simply explained as the absence of war, it is more than the absence of war for me. Besides the absence of war, peace means to general welfare of the society in which social life is well-regulated and there is no conflict or chaos to prevent the peace among the members of society.After describing my own understanding of peace, I will focus on the state of nature, the conditions of life in the state of nature and how peaceful it is or not from my perspective of peace. The state of nature can be simply explained as the absence of state or political authority. If a more detailed explanation of the state of nature is considered, it can be said that it is the condition in which humans exist before the establishment of social organization. Therefore there is no common power to keep people regulated and no other security than people's own strength and own invention.In such kind of life before social organization, since there is no government to tell people how to conduct themselves and no rules for social life to proceed under an order, I believe there is a similarity between the life of animals and human beings in the way that the objective of all humans is self preservation and they compete for survival rather than having a regular social life as human beings. In his book; Hobbes indicates to order of daily life which I believe will illustrate my ideas well. He says that "if any two men desire the same thing, which neverthelesse they cannot both enjoy, they become enemies; and in the way to their End, (which is principally their own conservation, and sometimes their delectation only,) endeavour to destroy, or subdue one an other. And from hence it comes to passe, that where an Invader hath no more to feare, than an other mans single power; if one plant, sow, build, or possesse a convenient Seat, others may probably be expected to come prepared with forces united, to dispossesse, and...

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