People Must Police The Government To Avoid Corruption

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First of all, Washington is nothing more than a district; it isn’t evil or a person to run against. In fact, people do actually live in Washington, DC. People work, they go to school, there are sports, and its normal, not just some arbitrary piece of land that happens to have governmental buildings. This is such a delusion; Washington is the 24th most populated place in the United States with a growing population of 646,449 residents, not including the people who commute there on a daily basis. Even if there were 535 people who are not completely surround by “normal” people all day, the rest of the people that work on the Hill or in the D.C. area are normal people. They have lives, car payments, kids, and mortgages and have to worry about the same issues as every other America. There is no shortage of people to be disconnected from. Second of all, it’s just an easy target because it’s the Capital. If all of these buildings were in different states and not centrally located this term would not even exist. This idea of evil Washington is propaganda fueled by the media and those that are fooled by ignorance. The people who believe in this nonsense are the same people that give Congress a low approval rating because they don’t know how Congress works. The people who believe in this are the people that have never stepped foot on Capital Hill, never talked to anyone who works on the hill never been to their Members’ office and probably don’t even know who their Member is.
Conclusion and Solutions
When looking for research on how accurate rates of congressional approval are, research was sparse. This is a startling realization considering there are certainly more people that suspect some flaw in the ratings. This is especially evident bearing in mind the amount of American citizens that haven’t a clue about how Congress and government actually works. One would hope more than a hand few of people have considered this and would research it more thoroughly.
To say that congressional approval ratings are completely erroneous or accurate is a misinterpretation of the research presented here. The research given here is merely a different point of view on how these ratings could stand to be scrutinized more because of the lack of knowledge coming from the participants of the ratings. Regardless of the mathematical or statistical accuracy of opinion polls, if one doesn’t know how a bill becomes a law or the facts behind important legislation how can they truly judge the job of...

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