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People Need Our Help Essay

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People Need Your Help
In Darfur, over 480,000 people have died and more than 2.8 million people have been displaced since 2003 leading to the first genocide in the 21st century (World Without Genocide). The Darfur genocide is a current mass slaughter and rape of Darfur men, women, and children. This genocide is taking place right now in Western Sudan which is located in the central region of Africa. The Darfur genocide is being carried out by the Janjaweed, a government-armed and funded group. The Darfur genocide is a present and on-going genocide in which the Janjaweed are systematically killing the citizens of Darfur because of their rebellion against the government.
First, the struggles in Darfur are definitely genocide. It is a mass slaughter and rape of the people of Darfur. The first genocide in the 21st century started in 2003 and is continuing today. It was declared “genocide” officially by United States Secretary of State Colin Powell on September 9, 2004 in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (World Without Genocide). In supporting the United Nations Security Council Resolution in 2007 to allow the deployment of up to 26,000 peacekeepers to try to stop the violence in Darfur, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown stated in a speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations, the Darfur crisis was “the greatest humanitarian disaster the world faces today,”(World Without Genocide).
Second, Sudan is the biggest country in Africa. It is located in Northeastern Africa. It borders the Red Sea and falls between Egypt, Chad, Uganda, as well as six other countries. Darfur is a region in Western Sudan that is about the same size as Spain. The population of Darfur is estimated at 6,000,000 people. The conflict in Darfur has also caused problems in nearby Chad and in the Central African Republic as hundreds of thousands of refugees race across the two countries’ borders to escape the gruesome violence that is occurring in Darfur. (World Without Genocide).
Third, the attacks on the Darfur villages normally begin with Sudanese Air Force bombings. Air bombings are often followed by Janjaweed militia raids. All of the village men, women, and children that remain are either murdered or forced to flee the area. Looting, burning food stocks, enslaving and raping women and children, and stealing livestock are typically common (World Without Genocide). Dead bodies are usually thrown in water wells to contaminate the water supplies and their entire villages are burned to the ground.
Fourth, the genocide is being...

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